Saturday, August 4, 2018

Two Rugs Sold...

....but there are still too many here.  Luckily someone wanted to buy two of my rugs and they shipped this morning.  Since I don't do artisan shows any longer there isn't much of a venue for me to sell them.  Yes, I've put some on eBay and etsy from time-to-time and was fortunate to sell a couple over the years.  Not doing shows but continuing to hook sure makes the quantity of rugs stored away staggering.

Numerous rugs hang on my walls, many on the floor and display some on table tops or harvest table periodically.  But many more are rolled up and never see the light of day.

I cannot part with the rugs I've hooked in a class as there are too many fond memories of fun shared with friends and teachers.  The two that sold were easy to let go of as they were hooked at home to have a sample to show potential buyers of a pattern for sale.  

Both of these were antique adaptations.  First was Red Bird of Pennsylvania  ~ the auction house named it Red Bird and was from Pennsylvania, thus the name.  Perhaps the original antique did have a red bird but faded over time.  

The other rug sold was Ducks and Eggs Nest.  Both rugs went to the same person.
Neither of these rugs have known the floor.  I probably put them on my harvest table after each was hooked to enjoy them.  But then rolled up and stored away.  

A successful day so guess I'll go back to making yet another rug, 😉



  1. I can see why they both sold and to the same person, very similar in styles and perfect for a prim home.


  2. congratulations on the sale of the rugs. At the rate you hook I bet you do have some rugs stacking up. Such lovely rugs lucky them

  3. Congratulations, ,,,
    They are sweet!!
    I have sold quite a few ,, mostly small ones,,, ovwr the years,,,
    Kind of nice, too,,, when we do so much hooking and love and enjoy it, but have room for just so much,,,
    My sister has a shop and sells every month , I have treat money,,, and usually save some , and spent some on wools and yarns!
    There are some (like u say) cant part with!!
    Thanks for sharing,,,,,

  4. These are beautiful! I tend to love rugs with birds on them as well, every pattern I've selected lately has one on them! You've done a great job. I do all my selling via etsy, you might find some luck there too!

  5. the Charlevoix Quebec reproduction is of two turtle doves.. backsde colours of original show this


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