Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sheep at the Beach

Sheep at the Beach is the name of the pattern design given the 30th anniversary of Rugs by the Sea.   The last loop was pulled this afternoon, it has been steamed, now resting and waiting binding.

Recipients of this generous gift could make it into a mat, purse, tote, pillow, etc.  It was a basic sheep design so each could do our own thing.  But the name lends itself to indicate the sheep is at the beach.  The beach is only two blocks away from the Chalfonte, where classes are held.

As much as I wasn't looking forward to hooking it I'm so glad I did.
Below is the basic design gifted to each participant last September.  Except there were no exterior lines drawn since we could make it into any size.  I drew those lines 1" from the edge of the monks cloth to ensure my design didn't exceed that.  

Wasn't sure what it was going to be but had planned to go 'small' to get it finished early.  As it turned out I used that whole space to end up with a mat measuring 12 x 16.
Here is a sample Norma sent to all the Cape May registrants of her design and invited us to hook ours in our own way and take it back to camp this September.  
Plans are to do a still photo tutorial of how this one is bound on my next post.  Uh, when I get around to binding it.



  1. your rug is very sweet and you must be glad you did it.

  2. Your rug came out beautifully and love how you gave it some color but still kept it prim. I also like how Norma did hers, lots of fun additions and texture. I tend to like both styles, that is the fun of rug hooking.


  3. Love your rug !!! Looks great ….Norma's is great too....that's what is so fun about hooking & seeing other's rugs , everyone is so creative & adds their own touch .

  4. Hi Saundra,
    What a fun rug and it will be wonderful to see how everyone else finished theirs, too!! I love your color choices!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hoping all that water dries up soon!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. glad you hooked it too...will be so fun to see them all together...we hooking bloggers need to do a little challenge of all hooking the same design...


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