Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Antique Rugs

I'll bet you all have been itching to see some antique rugs, right?  Here ya go.  Below is a poor photo as the auction house site wouldn't let me enlarge it.  Not sure if this birds and flowers design was a stair riser or a runner.
Love this old and worn rug with deep scallop border ~ colors are wonderful.
A  black lamb early 20th century found in Williamsburg, VA was hooked with wool on burlap measuring 18 x 26.  If you wanted to take a journey with me when I start my donkey you can either use the sheep, donkey or another design of your choice.  I haven't started Lady the Donkey yet but plan to do so soon.
Another small mat is, what looks to me to be a Shorebird.  Would be another great option for someone who wanted to go on the journey with me.
Stars and Hearts below was hooked early 19th century and from the Joe and Linda Caputo collection.
The horse rug below I found interesting because I'd like to ask the hooker some questions.  Is that "H" a ranch brand?  The motif below the H, is that a bucket of water being lifted up from a well?  Also, the border looks like it is most scrolls.....BUT, on the left side at the top it almost appears to be a hand making an 'Ok' sign with the thumb being white and the fingers being red.

Yeah, I know I've got an overactive imagination, lol.
The rug below depicts Alden House of Danbury, Massachusetts.  Don't know the year it was hooked,
Well,  that will do it for today and give me more time to bind the rug.  Am hoping to start Lady the Donkey today so there will be something to show you in a day or two.  That will give you time to draw out something, pull some wool and follow along with my experiment.



  1. Oh , my favorite is the last one , the house ! Amazing the details they included in them , so interesting . Happy hooking , I have to get painting & filling orders .

  2. love that house rug! I need to hook some more of those...will be watching your journey...but hooking my cats and pumpkins for now...

  3. I also love the house rug! In my efforts to make rugs look old I end up making things more complicated. I need my naïveté back

  4. I am making myself finish my current rug before I start another. But I will enjoy following your donkey progress as you share it.

  5. wow I like that deep scallop rug always enjoy your antique show.

  6. You find the most wonderful antique rugs, so much inspiration.


  7. Loving these antique mats!
    So fun,,,
    Would love to follow along but like others, too many on the go,,
    But still have it in my mind to do a horse,,, gotta find that pattern offered by rug hooking magazine ,, think it was barb carroll horse pattern, not too big either,,
    Maybe look for that pattern, as its going to rain again and muggy!!
    Thanks for again,, for sharing,,

  8. Maybe the horse rug was hooked after the Great Drought.... And maybeeeee the hooker and family refused to move (like so many did) and they survived, along with their favorite horse!

  9. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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