Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Sheep at the Beach Binding Tutorial (revised)

Finally all hooked and bound!!!!  All it needs now is a label which hasn't been printed yet.

Those of you who follow me know I wasn't looking forward to hooking this on monks cloth and had other hooking priorities at the time.  With Cape May rug camp a month away am SO HAPPY I decided to hook it.

Here is the my version of "Sheep at the Beach", a blanket design by Norma Batastini to challenge camp participants.  It was just a sheep on a blank canvas for us to be creative.  For sure I don't claim to be creative but at least it is done and have something to share at camp.
I bind my rugs and mats differently.  Here is how this mat is bound.  Once the last edge of the design was decided I drew a line 1/4" away from that for the sewing edge of fabric binding.  

Before hooking to the edge of the design you then place the edge of the fabric on that new line.  Sewers know that is a 1/4" sewing edge.  
I used cotton fabric to match the sky and sea.  There was a piece cut a tad longer on each side but only sewn to the edge of the hooking.  I trimmed the corners of foundation so the corners could be mitered without bulk.
OOPS, I see I missed one before taking the photo but was trimmed before binding.  But that was corrected and here is the back.  All that it needs now is the label and a visit to Cape May with me.
Today's quilt booklet sale was surprisingly easy.  Only have one other Cheri pattern but am not ready to let that go yet.  But do have other quilt and Stitchery booklets here to sell from the likes of Sarah Sporrer, Kindred Spirits and can't remember who else.  So stay tuned.  


Meridiana, you are a NO-REPLY blogger so could not send you a personal email.  The top photo was a photo taken after the binding was done.  
And yes, I have bound rugs to go on the floor this same way.  Sometimes I've used wool and sometimes cotton binding tape.  Have also whipped the edges with wool yarn, covered cording in wool fabric, I've bound rugs all ways except for the crochet edge.


  1. Thanks for sharing. You are great to
    Share all your experience with us.

  2. Looks nice how you used a matching fabric. I really need to bind mine better.


  3. Looks great I like the fabric

  4. Your finish looks so pretty !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  5. Could you also show the finished version from the right side of the rug? And if it were going on the floor, would you still bind it with fabric? Thanks.

  6. Thank you Saundra. I too have used all those methods, but not this one (yet). Interesting to know you would use it on a floor rug.

    I didn't know I was a "No-Reply Blogger"!!! Oops. Sorry about that. I'll investigate. And thanks for your response.

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