Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Pre-Project Info

Little did I  know that one day I'd revert back to the new hooker who had no clue how to hook the proper way ~ in other words, unlearn everything I was taught.  To hook with the naivete of a child teaching herself to hook.

Nancy Gertrude Scott is quite good at hooking in that style pulling loops several holes away from the last loop and hooking higgly piggly.  Below are some of her pieces.   A single primitive chicken.
Two chickens.
  Kids playing.
And a village with workers indicating cotton picking.
Barbara E. Merry is another hooker who is quite successful hooking the  antique look.  Think I heard Nancy is Barbara's daughter, please someone correct me if I'm wrong.  Here is one of Barbara's pieces.
And two more of Barbara's rugs; Before and After below.  
And Row of Houses with shirred border, rainbow and walkway.
My friend Shari recently took a class with Carole Weatherman who teaches a naive and primitive style of hooking.  I've never had a class with Carole so am not suggesting this is the only style she teaches, but rather a specialty class.  I'd love to take the class but I'm a timid driver and don't go long distances by myself.

Will get more in dept on my next journey later.  Meanwhile I've a few more loops to pull on my Hearts and Stars rug...almost done. 



  1. very sweet rugs funny how we have to learn to undo all the things we have learned to become child like.

  2. Those are wonderful rugs, I do love that look. I am that way too, hate driving far by myself. Today I actually drove the truck for the first time, going to take some time getting used to it.


  3. Hi Saundra,
    I'm sure it will be a challenge, but I do think you are totally up for it!! Looking forward to following your journey!!
    Hope you enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Love these sweet mats!!
    Cant wait to see ur finished mat,,,
    Take care,,

  5. thanks for sharing these delightful rugs...their spirit is so free...

  6. These rugs are neat …..higgly piggly … looks neat , so old 7 prim


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