Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Journey Begins

I'm doing this small project to see if I can hook a piece to look like an antique.  My intentions are NOT to pull the wool over someone's eyes (no pun intended) and pass it off as a real antique, but to get the look of an antique for my personal pleasure.  

For authenticity the kits provided in Shari's class were drawn on burlap since it is lighter weight and what women used back then.  Her kit contained quality wool, cotton knit and nylons dyed in various colors.

Based on information shared by my pal, these were the first basic instructions from the teacher:
            Hook low
            Hook sparsely (3-4 holes away)
            Keep strings

Always wanting a personal challenge decided to give this new journey a try.  As previously posted I chose an antique which I've named Lady the Donkey.  Here is a close-up view of my loops and spacing.
Appears I've failed the test on the top two instructions as my loops seem to be the same height I normally hook.  Had a feeling that would be hard to depart from.  But was sure I could handle the 3 or 4 spaces away to leave a noticeable gap between loops.  Nope, failed there too.  However, I can see the strings of the paisley used for the halter and reins.

Since this is a small project I will continue anyway until I get bored because I must finish binding a rug and start getting ready for rug camp.

Instead of hooking the donkey in the grayish colors I wanted to hook my Lady Donkey in browns.  Here is a picture of my paternal grandfather with a miniature donkey on his property.  
When I was a kid I lived in a home built by my father and grandfather which could be accessed from behind the barn and thru the space where the fence is.  Also, as a teen I kept my horse in the stable which is the building to the far right.  There was a paddock connected to his stall which is not visible.

So this post was a little about my personal challenge as well as a 'throw back Thursday'.

Today will be another oppressively hot and humid day where the 'feels like' temps will be over 100* Fahrenheit.  Don't think I'll spend too much time outside today.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Hope you won't be too hard on yourself and I'm sure Lady will not mind how you hook her!! She is so sweet!!! It really is hard to "unlearn" those things we are so good at!! Just be patient with yourself and above all, HAVE FUN!! That picture is wonderful and what special memories it recalls!! So sorry you are dealing with the oppressive heat!! That is exactly what it is like here, so I do feel for you!! We are used to it but you aren't and that makes it worse!!! Try to keep cool as much as you can! The yard will just have to wait!!!
    Enjoy your hooking journey and your weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. good luck continuing...I would fail at those too, especially the spacing of I have at the buttonhole stitch...can never get it irregular and prim looking...

  3. I would have a hard time hooking like that too ...I love your colors ! More heat & humidity here too ..UGH

  4. Good luck with your antiquey hooking. When I was in the class she told us to leave strings or even create some. Sorry, no could! I have an aversion to any strings in my rugs.

  5. Looks wonderful, so far and love the story about your childhood, this rug will be a special piece for you.


  6. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.


  7. Awesome,,, start, saundra!!
    Such memories,,, great ideas,,,
    Found the horse pattern in barb carroll book,,, she wrote with rug hooking magazine,,,
    Its a horse,, been wantingnto do,
    This donkey maybe my inspiration,
    Wow,,, our heat has gone!
    In fact its real cool this am,, as in 50 degrees!!!
    Feels like fall!
    But warming up this weekend,,
    Take care with this heat,,,

  8. I love little donkeys. They have become rather common in pastures in our area. Will be fun to see how yours turns out.

  9. Once when I took a class from Maggie Bonanomi, she had a rug that I could have sworn was an antique. It was the colors she used (close in values) and the fact that she pulled up her loops whichever way with abandon. I told her I'd have to be in a dark room by myself to master the wonky loops. I pull up loops and then rotate my hook to bring them down to an even level. The trick is to pull up the loop and then leave it, without adjusting. You make me want to try this again but I know it will be a major learning experience for me.


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