Friday, November 2, 2018

November... REALLY?

Cannot believe it is November already.  Am sure most of you agree with my sentiments.  Today the Halloween rugs and decorations were removed and replaced with Turkey and Tallowberries on the harvest table.
Okay admit I was too lazy to take a photo of the harvest table but am trying to get ready for rug camp and still have stuff to do here.

Turkey and Tallowberries is a design by Lori Brechlin and pattern sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.

Enjoy this mild temperature on the east coast while it lasts.  Haven't packed my suitcase as the weather is going to change.  It was in the 70's and going to change..... to what?

Happy Friday.



  1. Have always loved this design...definitely on my to hook list...but I am terrible at leaves...any tips ? yours are perfect...

  2. That is a beautiful rug. I did one years ago as a swap rug, unfortunately I never received one in return.


  3. Hi,,, have this pattern to punch! And not done yet,,,
    Its crazy,, november,, is right,,,
    Cool here but no snow this am,,,
    Off to a hookin today,,,
    Have good weekend,,,

  4. Great turkey, I see we got a turkey pattern in rug hooking magazine this month.
    We are warm for us too but oh the rain we have had so much. I hope the winter slips by as fast as the fall did

  5. always happy to see him ~ yours is perfect in every way my dear ~


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