Friday, December 28, 2018

Horses and Hearts

Horses and Hearts will be documented as finished in 2018 since the binding is almost complete.  There's just a few more inches to stitch the binding down but will save that task while waiting for my annual mammogram on Monday.  Nothing more boring than waiting for a doctor's appointment.
Which means Star Geometric won't get listed as a rug completed this year but rather 2019.  No way I'll get the remainder of the rug completed in 4 days.  

Guess I'd better get hooking on the Star rug to pull as many loops as I can.

                    p.s.  Jacqueline asked what the finished size of the rug is.                                It measures 20 x36.


  1. This rug turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing

  2. Congrats on another 2018 finish!
    Happy New Year

  3. Another wonderful finish but I do hope you are well you mentioned a DR

  4. ❤️ love everything about this rug. What is the finished size?

  5. Its amazing,, excellent job!
    Wow,, good idea,, in a waiting room,,,
    I usually take knitting,,, just smaller,,,
    Hard to believe that 2018 almost over!
    Wow, that was fast, ,,,,
    Have a great weekend,,,
    Ps, just had my mammogram ,,,, so thats a good thing done,,,♡

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    I live in Louisville, Ky

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