Sunday, December 9, 2018


Just before dusk I saw snow flurries but the birds let me know well in advance there would be snow today ~ didn't even need to hear a weather report.  Besides, I've been so engrossed in the History Channel series "The Curse of Oak Island" that I've been binge watching vs. watching local news.

Now that the long boring straight hooked sides along the border is done the rest of the rug will be lots of fun for me. 
Plans are to use a lot of strips from my worm bags.  Again....although it started out as an orderly setup of worm bags and container of over dyed patina wool for the border, this is what my hooking area looks like now.  I'll also add to this mess by adding other colors which aren't in these particular bags.
Individual bags and my continued mess has made me re-think how to do this 'wooly worm' process.  After each mess I'd separate once again, the colors to their proper baggie.  

BUT, when having a class with Cindy Irwin and saw her ZIPLOC TOTE of worms thought that was a great idea.  Yes, have seen bags of worms in other classes but the bags were so large it was difficult to manipulate and find what you want.  This bag is a descent size, has a zipper and has a vent for breathing under the zipper.  
I've used the plastic bags which bedspreads and comforters come in but they eventually get brittle and crack, plus they don't breathe unless you leave it unzipped.  Long story short ~ I'm thinking that instead of separating out this knot of wool at the end of this rug all the strips will go into my Ziploc Tote.



  1. Love the colors on the outer sides, that is going to be beautiful.


  2. Loving this mat!
    Wow,,, you have alot done!!
    My projects get real messy , too,,
    Thats a great idea,, tip,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    Have a great day!


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