Monday, December 3, 2018

STAR Geometric

Feels so great to be hooking on Star Geometric again that I'm even hoping for a day of inclement weather to do nothing but sit and hook.  
Sheesh, now that I'm seeing it on my computer monitor makes me want to pull out the 3rd block of border on the left as it is way darker than it should be.  BUT, that is a lot of #%!&! hooking to replace so think it will stay.

And yes, there are a few funky looking blocks in the pattern which take more time than others and seems I still didn't get it right.  As a reference here is a picture of the original antique.
Although I posted the dimensions of my pattern before, will mention again it measures 29 x 32.

Had two great weather days here, did some yard work and even hung out some white laundry ~ love hanging my laundry.  Tomorrow will be mediocre but tomorrow evening the fun comes to a close.



  1. looking good! I have a weakness for geometrics...

  2. Off to a great start, but I can't figure out what block you do not like.

  3. Wow! Saundra!
    Looks awesome,,,,
    Love it,,,love geometric mats too,,,,
    Love hanging out laundry too,,,
    It snowed another 4 inches or so,,, llast nite,,,
    Oh well,, its december!!
    Have a great day!

  4. we had sun today which is rare around here. No storms this week but cold I can take the cold if we don't get more snow. I love it I would leave it in.

  5. Think your version is looking great !!! Looks like the original to me !!!

  6. I love what you are doing and that rug, looks like a fun one to do.


  7. What a great job you did matching that star!!!


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