Thursday, December 20, 2018

Rug Show Time

Think these are rugs I've not shown before; but even if we do see them more than once think it is okay.  Can't get enough of looking at vintage hooked rugs or any rugs really.

The rug below was named Thistle Floral on the auction site.  I like the colors and the design isn't bad either.  One would have a sense of accomplishment when one of the motifs were done, making it seem like an easy task to accomplish.
The words "MAMMA" appear at the center of the rug so it must have been a loving gift hooked by a daughter for her mother.  I can see a heart in the center top and on the left it appears to be a horse head but not sure about the rest of the colored areas as they appear as puzzle pieces.
For Kelley here is a rug with 2 black cats and hit & miss border.
A geometric lattice work design around a single flower and leaves with my kinda dulled colors.
Two dogs named Bob and Rose hooked in the 1900s.  I think Kelley posted this a while back on her blog but I never tire of old rugs.
An antique floral with nice colors and that great blotchy background I like using dirty cream colors.
Hooked Hearts in Circles would be an easy mindless project to do when you don't really know what to put on your frame next.  And a mat to use up some wool worms.
Think this next one is so sweet ....House with apple tree and ladder.  It obviously had a significant meaning to the hooker and limited colors to work with.
Storm is a brewing along the eastern shore AGAIN.  I already have a pond back with more and heavier rainfall to come during the night.  What's worse is that wind gusts of 50 mph or higher is expected after midnight.  With the ground already saturated with water makes the tree's integrity to withstand wind bad.  The March winds which blew down two trees in my back yard has me scared now with trees standing  close to my house.

Will be sequestered inside for sure so plan to continue binding the Horses and Hearts rug ~ if it isn't bound before January 1 cannot claim it as hooked in 2018.  Which means guess there's no way Star Geometric will be listed in the rugs hooked 2018.



  1. Wonderful rugs and great inspiration.
    We are getting the storm tomorrow, going to be a soaker.


  2. Oh dear Saundra that storm sounds awful. I had a taste of a lightening storm a couple weeks ago it felt like it was directly over our house. I hope nothing falls on your house!
    Your rug shows are always so interesting. I sure enjoy looking at them all.
    Be safe and have a Merry Christmas,cheri

  3. Thanks for showing us the mats!
    Fun,,, interesting,,, mats,
    Love the oldies!
    Yikes,,, stay safe!
    Crazy weather,,
    We have had a great weather, very unlike december!
    At least the kast week,, mild and now its raining! But could be freezing later,,, then colder and snow,,,,
    Hate all the temp changes,,,

  4. Love the apple tree. We had a storm like that this week such high winds but of course we were very cold. today rain it has warmed up but the ground was frozen so the drive way could be used for luge trials. I have to get out to work too. the schools have delays but we don't
    Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. Love seeing the antique rugs …...with all the rain , it's nice to stay inside & hook !!! Stay safe in this crazy storm...luckily it isn't snow !

  6. Thanks for the great rug show...I've had a few rugs on the frame and nothing is working...those two black cats are wonderful!


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