Tuesday, December 11, 2018


While perusing an on-line auction site I came across a few rugs from the estate of Molly Nye Toby so wrote to my friend Evelyn asking what she knew about her.  Well of course Evelyn did and she informed me she hooked 50 State rugs and was featured at the Shelburne Museum.  

The rug below is a rug titled Apple Pie and love her choice of colors tho mine normally are more dark and primitive when I hook. 

Don't think the HI was the state rug hooked by her for Hawaii as this isn't the one depicted on the poster (shown way below).  Perhaps it was a more friendly type of Welcome rug but she is not here to ask. 
The description for the rug for auction below as "Homes" and another from the estate sale.
Also on the web site was this rug with heavy machinery; makes me wonder if it was a rug for the times or for a child's room.
The rug below with the pig is the rug she hooked for the state of Indiana where she said "the foundation of Indiana's wealth is their corn crop and animals raised for it, particularly the hog.  And to the north is the famous tomato growing section".
Wagon wheels below wasn't for any state but an offering from her estate sale.
I find this so called 'abstract' by the auction site very likeable.  Perhaps it was a little different for Molly to hook but it speaks to me.
Two rugs were in this photo from the auction site; the top rug was called crows but for the life of me cannot remember the other rug's title.  
But I did think in advance and captured the right side of the crow rug for a closer look.
Sorry for the flash of my camera, but this is a photo of the poster Evelyn so kindly sent me from the Shelburne Museum showing of the State Rugs. Also in the package was a description of why Molly hooked the rugs as she did and what the state was most known for.
Have a good evening and try and stay warm.  Winter is certainly here in Delaware.



  1. Wonderful rugs and love her mix of traditional and folk art.


  2. I like the same one you do! Keep warm🔥

  3. What a treasure she was! I love love love the pie rug! Even the colors are wonderful.

  4. Great mats!
    Wow,, llove them,,,
    Never seen these before!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Got to see the exhibit when we were at Shelburne in October. Fun to see you posting about it.

  6. Molly's rug are wonderful !! I have to go to Shelburne Museum !!!

  7. Molly Nye Tobey was my grandmother. I have quite a few rugs of hers. One she made from a drawing I did when I was four or five.

    1. Tom, I know this thread is a little dated but I wonder if you'll get this... I'm rug hooker, originally from Barrington, and I've been researching your grandmother for a while. I'm trying to put together as many images as possible to build an overdue official record of her work. Is it possible to get in touch with you directly? Hopeful and thankful for finding this post. Deana David

  8. Hi Deana, I'm sorry, I'm just seeing this now and don't know if you will get this. Please contact me at tomtobey@gmail.com Sorry this reply is so late!

    1. Dear Tom, if you happen to see this, I've written a couple of times to that gmail but I'm not sure you're getting my messages. I would love to be in touch with you - I've been working on a writing project about Molly and I'd love to make contact. My email is: ribboncandyhooking@gmail.com


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