Friday, December 7, 2018

RUGS from the PAST

Plans were to have a substantial amount more hooked on the Star Geometric but it doesn't look substantial enough for me to show yet.  But 'youz' guys and gals would probably like an antique rug show better anyway.

Below is Diamonds and Hearts geometric measuring 23 x 37 from the collection of Kathy Schoemer.
A floral bias-shirred rug wool rug on cotton, Maine 1830 from Joseph and Linda Caputo collection.
A cute primitive piece of a Horse pulling a Sleigh Winter Scene.  For some reason naive' hooked pieces are always endearing.  Wonder what color those purple trees were before fading. 
Yeah, another horse rug which I also love, is dated around 1870 and measures 37 x 44.   You regular readers know my mind always wanders trying to figure out what was in the mind of the hooker.   Obviously she used what she had on hand as for textile and color. I see two dogs, a star, heart, circle and are those clovers or primitive people?  Also, at the bottom on either side of the heart ~ is that symbolic of the person(s) who were no longer able to ride the horse?  Told ya I contemplate these wonderful old rugs.
Fur and Feathers below is 75 years old so if that is an antique guess I am too😄.   Wonder who won, the cat or the goose?  Bet the goose did.  The rug measures 32 x 36.
The Floral Shirred rug below has no provenance but the shirring is obvious.  Wish I had more information.
Hope to show an update of my rug in progress soon.  BUT next rug show will be those by and information about Molly Nye Toby.  Some of you may already know about her accomplishments.  

Happy weekend.



  1. Wonderful rugs, love the kitty and goose.


  2. Awesome!
    Love these oldies,,,,
    They take u back,,,,
    Thanks, saundra!
    Have a good weekend,,,,

  3. you always have the best posts. I love the horse and sleigh rug the primitive the better.

  4. Those are fun to see the background for the Goose & Kitty


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