Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Yup, comes around once every year like clock work.   Uh, that would be my birthday; won't say how old I am after reading Lauren's (Rugs and Pugs) latest blog post 😀.
So today decided to treat myself to my favorite lunch at a not so local Chinese buffet where I dined on baked salmon, baked tilapia, calamari, broccoli and mushrooms, asparagus, string beans and two kinds of rice.  Yup, all of that went into my belly and I cleaned the plate.  Needless to say tonight's dinner will be salad.  Most would think I'd have nothing.

And, while out and about I picked up a little something to celebrate even more ~ it is that mustard colored wire basket to display more of my rugs.  Am determined to surround myself with the rugs I've created and which give me joy.  Besides, if they are visible I'll be more likely to recycle them on tables and chests more often.
Truth is I started treating myself early in the week buying rug patterns.  What's better is I've gotten all three at a very good price on ebay.  The first is a rug which has been on my 'to do' list for a long time and now won't have to draw it myself.  It is an antique adaptation called Early Farm Scene by Frontier Homestead.
Another design I liked is by Folk Art Landing and was also a bargain.
The other I haven't received yet but is this design by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studios.  I see a class with Kris Miller in my future and this is what will be on my frame when that happens.
Having a glass of Cab as I sign off.



  1. Happy birthday 🎂. You deserve to treat yourself more often. Love seeing your rugs and purchases.

  2. Happy Birthday....wish you many more!

  3. I read your blog regularly and admire your rugs!

  4. Great way to treat yourself, the basket looks nice filled with rugs. I love your rug choices too.
    A very Happy Birthday!


  5. Happy birthday!
    Sounds like a great day!
    Perfect day,,,
    Love that basket!
    And those patterns,,, wow,,, love them,,,
    Getting my winter rugs out now to display,,,,
    And few more winter,,, cchristmas decorations, ,,,,
    We dont have xmas at home so dont go crazy,,,
    I am getting rid if stuff at thrift shops,,,
    Trying not to buy anything at all!
    Take care,
    Enjiy the day after ur birthday,,,,

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!! Like your haul...great shopping.

  7. Happy belated birthday. Nice purchases. You deserve them!!!

  8. Happy birthday !!!! Sounds like you had a great day !!! The rug patterns are all beautiful , can't wait to see them when they are all done !!!! Love how you are displaying your great rugs in that cool wire basket !!! Cheers Saundra !!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! So sorry I am late, may the year ahead be full of love, surprises & lots of hooking! You received some wonderful presents, buying for yourself is the best (you know you’ll love them)!
    You found some great patterns, hook on!


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