Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Normally a rug this size (29x32) would have been completely hooked by now since it was started the beginning of November.  But, since taking a detour to hook and assemble Snowman Stocking designed by Kelley Belfast and listing items on ebay it has slowed me down.

Another slow down was the misshapen blocks at the top and the bottom border.  Trying to get them to look anything similar to the original antique was agonizing.
Below is the original which was hooked 1900 using wool, rags and hooked on burlap.
Am hoping smoother sailing for the rest of the rug.  Honestly....as long as I'm hooking I'm happy.  Yet sitting in the wings is another antique adaptation drawn and waiting for me.  I'm itching to get to it since that one is a Magdalena Briner Eby design.

Guess everyone is busily wrapping presents, baking cookies (not me), or doing last minute shopping for Christmas.  



  1. At least you are hooking. I gifted my "secret" rug so I will share...hopefully tomorrow. Very little hooking here. Since my son is coming home from Las Vegas for Christmas, I had to bake pumpkin rolls. Ugh. I hate making them, but 5 are done and in the freezer!
    I look forward to seeing the next Magdalena on your frame!

  2. I need to wrap presents but I am mostly done.
    happy hooking

  3. I think you are doing a wonderful job, you really do have a knack for reproductions.
    I am done shopping so enjoying a week of rest and creating, and getting a little bit of cleaning done here and there, so most will be done before the big night.


  4. Its looking so great, ssaundra!
    No baking for me!
    I have a friend that loves to bake,,, so every year get a gift,,,
    Take care,,
    Cold here but no new snow in several days,,, and sun,,,, ttoday!!

  5. I am hooking!! woot woot! and, not baking - but - eating cookies lol <3
    I love your rug and all of it's wonkiness...it's perfect!
    Merry Merry and all that jazzzzzz ~

  6. I have to do Cmas cards !!! Hardly anyone sends them anymore, but I Love them . Just a few little things left to do ….luckily we are celebrating next Sunday , so I have a little more time & then it's time to hook ,punch needle & punch needle & hook !!! I can't wait !!! Have a Merry Christmas , have fun hooking too !!! Your rug looks great to me !!!


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