Monday, February 25, 2019

Antique Rugs

It's time to show more antique rugs.  A very damaged and faded rug with 2 cats.  Shame it has seen so much wear and tear.
A Sampler for a child named Francis hooked early 20th century 38 x 58.
From Pennsylvania a Mennonite rug in pastel colors with stripes, diamond shapes and crosses.  Said to have been hooked around 1930, measures 25 x 37. 
Thought the rug below was a hoot ~ a Canadian Folk Art rug of an oversize cat on a roof, apple trees and other animals.   Measures 22 x 30.
New England Pot of Flowers 1900-1910, wool and cotton. Dimensions are 33 x 41.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ~ this colorful geometric below doesn't do anything for me at all.  Yet other folks may love it.  Hooked mid 20th century and measures 22 x 36.
The geometric below does appeal to me.  Even with its misshapen  design I like this one ~ the colors and even the quirkiness of the design.  It measures 36 x 50 and from early 20th century. 
Happy the wind gusts have stopped as well as the rain.  Water water everywhere.



  1. Always love the old rugs. We have the wind now it is pretty strong I worry about the big oaks near us.

  2. The New Eng pot of flowers and the ABC rug make my heart go pitter-pat!

  3. bonkers about those cats in the first rug!and the misshapen geometric...pity I don't feel like look hooking.

  4. I like the giant cat aaaand giant bird - heehee. I bet whoever made it had a good time.

  5. Hello Saundra.... I am your newest follower I believe. I thought I had followed you previously, but apparently something didn’t “take.” I love the old rugs...but have to say my favorite is the New England pot of flowers. Since I am late to the party so to speak, can you enlighten me? Are these Pinterest photos or actually ones you own or have seen on exhibit?? And I absolutely ADORE that cat rug in your header photo.... Oh my heck!!! Did you hook that??? (Sorry for all the questions...I promise I am not usually like this in my commenting LOL).... Robin

  6. Awesome mats,,, again,, so fun to see the oldies!
    Like you,,, like the hit and miss style of geometric, ,,
    Our winds have finally died down, too,, crazy yesterday,,
    All roads closed ,,, and snow squalls,,, a good day to hunker down,,, and we did,,,
    Sorry about yr flooding again,,, oh my,,,
    Take care,,,


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