Friday, February 1, 2019

Taming an Ugly

A few years ago I purchased a couple yards of a pinkish red wool which looked appealing at the time.  But since then have come to think of it as putrid pink.  Tried using some in Lititz Hens and had to pull it out.

Didn't feel like getting out all my equipment and mixing dye recipes so went to my stash of pre-mixed jars of dye from previous projects.  The wool looks different on the reverse side so have displayed it so you can see both sides.

The narrow center piece of wool is what I started with.  Wool on the left  was put in a pot of Olde Patina dye (Beautiful Wool by Laurice Heath).  The wool on the right was put in a pot with Evening Shade A Rug to Dye For by Tonya Benson Robey).
Still cold here and weather forecast is calling for about  an inch of snow but at least it won't be the frigid temps of the last couple days.  Still in the teens right now tho.

Hard to believe it is February already.



  1. Nice change with the dye. We are cold not as cold as we have been but for some reason it feels cold to the bone we are only in the teens also.
    I am ready for some warmth.

  2. Really nice shades and much nicer color, definitely something that will look wonderful in your antique rugs.


  3. Both better colors ,,,, for sure!
    Still bone chilling here till tomorrow,,,, then warmer!
    No snow overnite,, yippee,,,,
    Take care,,,,


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