Thursday, May 23, 2019

Channeling Magdalena

There is always something about antique rugs which stir up questions I'd ask the woman if she was sitting with me.  Magdalena's rugs are no exception.  

First thing I noticed on the Great Granddaughter's Rug is that 'paw print' at the lower left of the lollipop bouquet on the left side.  It had to be hooked that way on purpose because who would use such a much darker value to fill in a spot?  And so I hooked it to look like the paw print too.
To save you time looking for Magdalena's original, here it is again.
My colors seem to be a little more bright so will need to tone it down with some black walnut juice after it is finished.  Am looking forward to working on the globe part but can't do that until all the lollipops are hooked.

Happy hooking, stitching, quilting or knitting....whatever floats your boat.



  1. Holy hell, woman. You are F-A-S-T. You put us all to shame.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I'm laughing at Lauren's comment and agree you are ONE SPEEDY HOOKER!!
    It would really be interesting to find out the WHY of so many rugs, wouldn't it?
    Thanks for sharing your FAST progress!!
    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. Isn't that funny? She was probably just doodling along and thought I'm going to put a paw print here to make people ask questions. :-)

  4. What a great job you are doing! Paw print and all. Janice

  5. You do such amazing work!. Have a great holiday weekend.

  6. such a wonderful rug and I know you will do it justice as always

  7. Loving ur mat!
    That paw print! Such fun ,,,
    Love yr colors!
    Soo fast,, you are enjoying this!!

  8. Oh my, I never even noticed that. It really makes you wonder exactly what it meant! Glad you included it on yours.

  9. You are a quick one Saundra.... I hesitate to call you a “fast hooker” because that just sounds not quite right LOL. You are doing an amazing job of recreating Magdalena’s palette.... I didn’t notice the little paw print there until you pointed it out.... It makes me wonder if she perhaps lost a beloved fur baby during the hooking of the rug and “commemorated” him or her with the print.... ~Robin~


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