Friday, May 3, 2019

Rug Show

First up is an abstract cat hooked rug with what looks to me to be Canas on both sides of the cat.   Hooked early 20th century, measures 28 x 46.
Six pointed stars with a great blotchy background ~ 32 x 36.
Black Scottie all dressed up in a red bow tie.
1890 Primitive Floral donated by Dr. Gorman, Ontario Canada  25 x 56.
The three dancing rabbits are almost camouflaged with the hit and miss border.
Named Button Eyes because this old rug had buttons for the eyes.  Said to be hooked around 1910 from Ohio.
A 12th century Girona Tapestry depicting the month of May.
Same Frost Lions design hooked differently.  The first one is wonderful and hooked the traditional way.
The one below appears to be punched with yarn.  Personally I do  not like the appearance of wool yarn punched OR hooked rugs.  
And yes, I did hook a rug with yarn once and will never do it again ~ I do not like the look.  I might embellish a rug with yarn, homespun or ribbon somewhere but will never hook another whole rug with yarn.  The yarn hooked rug is named Strawberry Patch and a design by Claire Murray.  
Early in my hooking thought it might be fun to try yarn so purchased this kit on eBay.  This one was on hiatus for years before finally finishing so it wouldn't get thrown away.

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. of course I love the cat rug...and Button Eyes...the dancing bunnies always creep me they are characters in a Stephen King novel...

  2. Always love the rug show the thistle one is nice.

  3. Those stars are intriguing! I love the dancing bunnies! I'm not big on the yarn rugs though I do have an old smaller piece done with perhaps a bit finer ?cotton? yarn and I very much like the look of it

  4. Fun rugs and I like the cat piece, can imagine doing that in prim colors.


  5. Thanks for sharing,
    Love the stars!
    And the claire murray bunnies,,,,
    Love using yarn,,, punch abit, but mostly hook with it,,,
    Mix it with strips!
    But if it goes on floor use strips moreoften, ,,,
    Have so much stuff,,, and gotta hook more,,,,
    Take care,
    Suppose to get sun tomorrow,,,, yea,,

  6. the tail on that dapper scotty looks like it's wagging!
    love them all ~

  7. I have always thought that Claire Murray’s Rugs were lovely. But when I began Rug hooking, I realized how “flat” yarn hooked rugs are. Lately I have seen some lovely dyed yarn on the internet. Wondering if these hand dyes would offer the dimension that is lacking in the flat colors that had been used? By the way, I do love those bunnies and admire you for completing them. It is just a totally different look.

  8. Fun, fun, fun....Love the abstract kitty, the floral and the dancing bunnies the best....the background on the stars intrigues me, but I’d chicken out in ever actually hooking it like that LOL. I rather like your strawberry bunnies....I think it looks more like it’s done in a smaller cut than wool yarn.... Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.... ~Robin~

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I so enjoyed your rug show and my favorite is the stars, and I'm sure you guessed why!!! The RED!!!! Your yarn rug is still nicely done, even if you don't like the look of yarn! Hope you are enjoying your spring, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Tks for the show. I have never punched or hooked with yarn and it is NOT on my bucket list.


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