Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rug Review

A rug review of oldies of course.  Will start with Two Roosters from the estate of Davis Meltzer, or at least so the auction house indicates.  Am wondering if the rooster on the right was a prized rooster because of the star.  You can see the date of 1929 hooked in the border.  It measures 32 x 34.
At first glimpse of the floral mat below I thought it might be a section of the rug.  Nope, it is the whole mat which is 15 x 22
A center of leaves with sprigs of flower in the corners and diamond shaped border.   I love how there are 9 blocks which are hooked in different directions.  Actually that is my favorite part of the rug which was hooked in the 19th century.
A Floral with Corner Hearts is another rug from the estate of Davis Meltzer.
Duck and Ducklings with hit and miss inner border was hooked between 1900-29.
Abstract Hearts below is quite beautiful with soft colors which meld well together.  From a Pawling, NY collector ~ measures 34 x 57.
Below is a rug which isn't an antique but is very interesting.  There are three sections joined together to make the lower portion of the US and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It appears to be incomplete since the border only appears on 3 sides.  It is up for auction so the other half appears to be non-existent.

Notice the indigenous aquatic, flora and fauna hooked in this piece which measures 35 x 143 long..  
Happy Tuesday everyone.  Thankfully it isn't raining today.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    All these rugs are so different, aren't they? I love the two muted ones the best, even though I normally love the darker colors!! As I look at that last rug I keep wondering if it might be folded over a bench? Just seems very strange to me that it is hooked that way, but I also know that each person has their own vision for a rug so guess it made sense to them!! We may never know!!
    Thanks for sharing and hope your week is going well!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  2. Duck and ducklings is my favorite..in my eyes they are cats!

  3. Always love your rug shows since I have finished the commission I haven't done much hooking at all.

  4. Would like to view the back of the abstract heart and see what the original colors might have been.

  5. The abstract hearts is my fave in this show...hands down. We, too, had a rain-free day today... Tomorrow, and the 4 days following do not look so promising. Hello? Spring???? ~Robin~

  6. Abstract Hearts is wonderful and Two Roosters is a fun rug!

  7. Lovely eye candy! Just sent you an email regarding the repair of an old rug. Hope you received it.

  8. Love that abstract hearts rug! Hmm, got my mind thinking! I am needing some motivation!! Love these old rugs that you find!


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