Monday, May 6, 2019

Now and Next

I'm nearing the end of an adorable design by Kelley Belfast and happy with how it is turning out.  The top part of the 'sky' is hooked with the over-dyed wool previously posted.  While hooking that part wondered what to do about the bottom ~ ground/grass.

Went shopping in my wool room and found some different wool but with same value and colors, pictured below.  So think I'll use those strips plus incorporate a few darker value more greenish fronds of grass also.  Not sure if that plan will work but we will both find out soon.  
As for NEXT.......I'm yanking at the bit to start my next project.  Would love to expand on it but need to save something for another post.   

Those of you who follow me, know I get impatient when wanting to move to the next project.  Today is no exception.  I've sketched out and enlarged the paper pattern and started drawing it on linen already.  But think 'kitty' needs to be finished properly to enjoy her 'cat nap'.



  1. Kitty looks like she is smiling 😊

  2. Love the kitty....and just like my own they sure do enjoy their cat naps! Janice

  3. such a cute kitty. Can't wait to see what is next. I wish I could get though them as fast as you but with working, reading and trying to do the spring raking doesn't leave much time.

  4. Such a sweet mat,,,
    Wow, fast,,,
    I do smallish ones and not as quick,,,
    Excited to see whats coming up next!!

  5. Love this cute Kitty matt !!!

  6. Those colors are coming together so wonderfully, Saundra....That church birdhouse is the absolute perfect chippy off-white. ;-). But of everything, your kitty is what makes my heart wiggle.... ~Robin~


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