Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rolling out the Rugs

Not mine tho, the old ones again.  I really should finish the eyes on Cat Nap and bind it but am still enamored with Great Granddaughter's rug.

Saw this rug (Bird and flowers) yesterday ~ you know I love that background.  Was hooked 20th century but didn't say early or late and it measures 30 x 53.
Another rug found yesterday is this Circular rug by Cynthia Sargent b.1922 for Scarlatti measures 99" in diameter.  In the description was the "b.1922" so am not sure if that means birth of 1922 or what.  Most times I see circa or century as a time frame.
The rug below is intriguing ~ don't want to replicate it but am wondering about it's construction.  The inside red looks as tho it may have been a textile bound with cotton binding and then placed on a foundation to hook around.  Tap on the photo to enlarge.  Described as as Mennonite, Waterloo Co. Ontario 30 x 39
Another hit and miss idea to use up your worms is this early abstract  measuring 19 x 40.
Don't know if the two black cats below is really an antique but can tell it is mounted on a wooden board.  The edges don't look frayed and the hooking is rather consistent so doubt it is an antique.  Measures 22 x 37
The Mama Cat and  playful kittens below I know is an antique.  May have even shown it before because it seems too familiar to me.  Was hooked 1890 and from Pennsylvania.
Sweet Little Cottage with fence has a mellow look.  Sadly the photo on the auction site didn't have a complete view of the rug.
And for Jennie of Georgia, here is the back view.  You can see it is hooked with cotton and nylons on burlap.  Doesn't look as tho there was much fading either.
I am not be a 'pink' person but the Rabbits and Flowers rug appeals to me ~ Guess those dirty shades do appeal to me.  Measures 28 x 54 and hooked 1900s.
Gonna be a hot and humid day today so glad I got my grass cut yesterday.  It is 9 a.m. with my house inside temp at 69* and my windows are getting steamed up.  Had to turn the heat back on last week and today it will be summer. 



  1. Love the Sweet little Cottage Rug !

  2. I love the corners on that cottage rug.

  3. sure love an antique rug that last one..even with the pink..

  4. Great mats!
    Thanks saundra!
    Love the first one!
    Warmer here now,,, rainy,,,
    Things are looking like spring,,,,

  5. Thanks for the show...and the back view of the little house. Am surprised at how little it had faded. Love the bird, but it is a bit dark for me. Guess my favorite is the bunnies, but what a strange heart?? Motif in the center.

  6. Love the show as always... My faves are the first and last....and the first is my favoritest of all LOL! Humid? Hot? What is that??? I am still fretting about frost....yesterday we actually got up to 43 degrees. WTH? ~Robin~

  7. I always love your antique rug shows!! I am a pink girl, so I really love that last one!


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