Thursday, May 9, 2019

Maybe, Just Maybe.....

.... Cat Nap could be done except for binding???  Just maybe?

If you scroll down to previous photos of my progress you'll notice a change in the cat's face.  First I removed the white mouth and hooked in a softer grey.  Then the face stripe (nose) was changed to grey.  Now I'm wondering if the eyes need a little tweaking.
Had so planned on starting the Magdalena today but that won't happen.  Tomorrow is wool mess clean up from around my hooking nest.  And in the morning is the HVAC guy to spring service my furnace/heat pump.  

Binding on Cat Nap is not on my schedule at the moment, neither are any tweaks.  This little guy will sit on the sidelines and take a little Cat Nap to wait.  Magdalena is calling me.



  1. I do love the subtle change and think you should leave the eyes as is. Looks good! Janice

  2. You really have an eye for design and detail. I like your kitty.

  3. Love ur sweet kitty!
    Bet ur anxious!
    Have a great day,,,

  4. I do like the changes and I love the grass area. I need to do a magdalena soon I think I love the lolly pop looking basket.

  5. I like how you hooked the grass, too. Such a sweet little kitty.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    This is such a sweet rug and Kelly has the most wonderful and simple designs!!! Looks like the kitty is in the perfect spot while you get all those other things done!!!
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  7. I love how you've hooked this! the grass is a nice touch...a Magdalena rug sounds do them perfectly...

  8. Ok...this has to be one of my most favorite rugs...ever. I. LOVE.IT!!!! And as much as I fell in love with that dear kitty’s face when you first hooked it, I have to (not even begrudgingly) agree that your tweaks were great....He’s now cuter than ever. And I love, love, the grass. Gah! There is nothing about this one that I don’t love to pieces..... ~Robin~


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