Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Cat Nap Update

I did it....I over-dyed that other half of the wool and it turned out similar to the other.  Was hoping it would be a little darker for variance but it is close in value and will do well.

Here is Cat Nap and you must agree there is a huge difference with the background now.
Am trying to decide what to do with the bottom portion of the design.  I don't want to do flowers but to introduce ground/grass might be nice.  Maybe during the night I'll 'sleep on it' and make my decision.



  1. I like the new shade, really looks nice with the other colors.


  2. Really love the kitty and the skep....I am just not a huge blue person?? It makes perfect sense but I don’t visualize well.... Me...I’d do kitty, skep and then a background and be pleased as punch. But I am simple like that...

  3. Its great!
    A fun, sweet mat,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  4. Love the Bee Skep & background color !!!

  5. Way to go!! You’ll be done with this one before you know it.


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