Monday, May 20, 2019

The Eyes Have It

Well, at least they are better ~ this is the new 'improved' version of Cat Nap.
Here are the eyes before.
Remember folks, Cat Nap is a primitive wide cut design and not meant to look realistic. The first realistic design hooked was of my departed Rottweilers Shumba (the mom) and her son Panzer.

My apologies to those of you are viewing these photos and reading about this once AGAIN.  The dogs were hooked in #3 with #5 cut for the background.  
As soon as I hung this sentimental beauty on my bedroom wall I drew out a primitive design of them.  Decided right then I'd never hook another rug in #3.  So the rug below was hooked in #8 cuts and still managed to get a realistic look of my babies.  
A few years later my sweet Shadow died.  During her lifetime I always told her 'she was a wide cut kinda girl'.  And so she was.  Shadow was hooked in #8 cut.
My boy Ben still needs his Memorial rug as Golden in the Garden (changed to Rottie in the Garden for me) is not a proper memorial for my precious boy.  And he will also be hooked in no smaller than #8 unless it is his eyes.

On a side Rottweiler Memorial there is a section at the nape of the neck of each dog where their own hair is hooked.  When grooming the dogs during their life would save their hair in individual baggies.  A dear departed friend (Lesley) spun their hair onto a thin core of wool which was used to make it an even more special memorial.

Happy hooking.  Now will go back to work on Great Granddaughter's Rug and save binding of Cat Nap for later.  At least one step is done.



  1. Those rugs are FANTASTIC!!! Especially that fine cut one... Oh. MY! Now THAT I know I would never be able to do....even with a pattern LOL. I really love your background on that one as well. And, yup....kitty’s eyes are better now. And, gee....I didn’t think you could improve on perfection. ;-). ~Robin~

  2. Your sweet mats!
    Love them all,,
    The eyes are better!
    You are amazing,
    Have a good day,,,

  3. I always love to see your rottie rugs. I did not know that they had their real hair

  4. Catnap is great, and the eyes are certainly better, though they looked okay to me to begin with. As always, your memorial rugs are wonderful!

  5. either 'eyes' are great for a prim rug :) {but I am drawn to those 'olive slice' eye-shapes as I like to call them} ~ we never tire of seeing your gorgeous memorial rugs my friend, so please don't apologize for loving your animals and sharing your rug hooking <3

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I really liked the first eyes you did as they looked very primitive, but also love the new ones as well!! So fun to be able to switch things up to please yourself!!
    Your memorial rugs are always a treat to see and the love you have for each fur baby shines through!! So wonderful to have those special pieces to remember!!!
    Have a great week!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Love your cat eyes....they show up much more …...Love your rugs of your Rottie's & including their fur is so special

  8. The catnap eye changes are just perfect!


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