Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Great Granddaughter's Rug Update

Sure thought the crow would be finished in my afternoon hooking segment.  I'm sure Jo Leedy Ritter Wick would definitely have had this whole rug done by now.  I'm using worms from #8.5 at the largest and whatever colors and size from my baggies.  

In my defense it does take time to rummage through the bags to find just the right color/value/size which fits.  Sometimes I think it would be faster to just cut more wool.  BUT don't want to make MORE wooley worms.
On another news front.....I read that the SHINGLES vaccine is more effective now since when mine was given in 2010.  Went to Walgreens today and learned the one I had 2010 was only 65% effective and the new vaccine (a two-shot vaccine) is 97% effective.  It requires a second shot within 6 months of the first and Medicare/drug insurance does pay for part.  OR, if you don't have Part D Medicare try GoodRX.com.

My sweet DIL recently had a very painful outbreak of shingles and have heard horrid stories from other friends and family about how painful Shingles outbreaks is.  So you may want to visit your family doctor or local pharmacist to find out which vaccine you had and if you are safe.

Prayers go out for the people hit by the recent tornadoes and flooding.  



  1. Really coming along,,,,
    Love all the colors u choose so carefully
    Good to know abiut the shingles shot!
    Got ours a few years ago ,, they were free if we were over 65,,,, at the time,,, so 2 years ago,,, wow time flys!
    Have a great day,,,

  2. there are waiting lists for our vaccine here. Husband needs the second one in a couple of months

  3. I must agree...using worms is much more challenging. My bags need to be culled of sizes I no longer care to use and those that have become shreds. Nice progress on your rug. DH has gotten the new shingles vaccine. I got the old one and need to update. I had shingles when I was sixteen. No fun. Good for you for updating.

  4. I am often guilty of cutting new worms since it is so much easier. The reason I have my very own worm farm...sigh.
    Last year my doc told me about the new vaccine but because of a shortage here, too, he could not give. I had a mild case about 12 years ago and it was not fun, but thankfully after many months, finally went away. Doctor said sometimes they never do.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love your rug and you ARE making progress!! Those worms are just like rabbits and seem to multiply, don't they?
    My husband had shingles late last year and thankfully, it was a very mild case! Have heard it can be really painful so was grateful his weren't as bad! Thanks for the update info!!
    Hope you have a great week and can make more headway on your rug!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Your rug is looking great ….I have to get the new shingles shot too , but have to check to see if it is still difficult to get by me too . My 97 year old Mother-In-Law had the worse case her Dr had ever seen & hope I never get it !!! Was just terrible .
    Happy Hooking !!!

  7. Hi Saundra, I'm Katie and I work at GoodRx... just came across your blog and this post. Your work is amazing, I especially love all the cats (I'm a cat person). Anyway, thanks for spreading the good word about the shingles vaccine and for recommending GoodRx!

  8. Every time I see your updates, I like this rug more and more. Well, maybe it has something to do with the crow. ;-). I’ve heard horror stories about shingles, but don’t know anyone personally who has had them. My dr has never mentioned anything about the vaccine...but I have to be very careful with any vaccine due to my autoimmune diseases, so perhaps that’s why. Will try to remember to follow up with him about it when I have my next physical. ~Robin~


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