Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Looking for Inspiration

Soon I'll be desperate for something to hook and none of the drawn patterns in my stash are sparking an interest at this time.  So thought I'd look thru some antique rug photos to see if something of interest is hidden there.

This struck a cord for me, Glazer antique hearts hooked between 1880-1910.
The Lancaster County Chain stitch rug caught my eye also.  Anyone know what that image is above the duck?  Maybe a bird or an angel?
The lonely flower would make a small project and use up more worms from my baggies ~ quick, easy peasy.
Rug at Seven Gates Farm has been on my 'to do list' for quite some time and has yet to be hooked by me but have drawn the design for others.
This whaling scene has also been on that same long list of 'to do'.
The House, Chickens & Geese rug was hooked early 20th century and comes from Boston.  The original measured 24 x 44 but I won't make  mine that big if I hook this one.
Of course I still have the paper pattern of Lori Brechlins's Lancaster Barnyard which has been on THAT list for years.
And the Indian Brave design by Tonya Robey and I was adamant about finding my pattern book with it.  But Tonya to the rescue....thanks gal pal.
I've even considered doing a Moroccan style rug to use up worms.  However I wouldn't have a fringe.  Of course I might get tired of the directional hooking but boredom would be offset by the change of color.
My oh my but what does one do with so many options and being so fickle?  Still have the Use it Up design to finish as well as remaining  binding of Great Grandaughter's Rug.  But I'll be needing a rug 'fix' soon after.



  1. I have always loved that antique heart one. Was thinking of drawing out myself one day. Janice

  2. Perhaps a fire breathing dragon above the duck... its not quite what one would find in a primitive rug though. (Blame that idea on my Game of Thrones binge)

  3. Oh how I wish that I could hook as fast and as good as you do! I started a Halloween rug for a break from the stair risers and it needs to get done before Halloween. Several nights and I don't even have a tree done. yikes!

  4. Loved doing lancaster barnyard,,,, and really like that simple flower,,,, with all the hit and miss,,, using up,,,,
    Think its an angel with horn!?
    So many choices,,,
    Lovely day here, no humidity, ,, cool nights!
    My kind of weather,,,,
    Have a great day!

  5. I'm sure you'll find the perfect rug to hook tout de suite :)

  6. love looking thru vintage rugs! im looking for a paisley rug to hook next!
    wish i hooked as fast as you! enjoy your day!

  7. So many beautiful designs to choose from !!!


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