Monday, April 27, 2020


This is an updated photo of my Cat's Paw mat which measures 15 x 23 1/2.  Not sure what will be on my frame next but better decide soon since I'm slightly more than half done with this.
Here is my initial sketch for the pattern but used up the length of my linen so drew some extra circles to fill it in.  Feel free to enlarge or use this for yourself if you wish.
Would love for you to share your photos with me.  

On another note, I receive W.Cushings flyer via email as many of you do.  Lisanne had asked me to send her a picture of the Windy Day when I was finished but was still surprised to see it at the top of her flyer this morning.  Surprised but very honored...thank you Lisanne, it was fun to hook.

Happy Hooking everyone and try to stay well.



  1. Looking GOOD! I actually started a small rug I drew out yesterday. Will show as I progress some. Janice

  2. Congrats! on being at the top of the flyer:-) That's cool. And I love this rug! Of course you are probably board with me saying that about all your rugs - must just mean we are both gals of very fine taste (heehee.)

  3. You will be done with that in a couple days for sure!
    Hope to start on mine in a few days...probably when you are finishing :)

  4. Loving ur progress,,, mine hasnt been touched for days!
    Gardening weather the past few days,, so been busy outside!
    Rain tomorrow, so hope to hook ,,,
    Congrats on being at top of flyer,,,,,

  5. You hook as fast as Deanne I swear! I plodd along and get less than half of what you do done. But I love you work.

  6. Cats Paw looks great ! So exciting that W. Cushings had you on the top of their flyer !!! Your hooking is great !!!

  7. Congratulations Speed Hooker! ;-)

  8. Hi Saundra,
    A BIG CONGRATS for being on the top of the flyer!!! Well deserved!!! You are so fast and truly inspire so many!!! The Cat's Paw looks great and I hope there are others who are joining in!! Wish I was one of them, but too many other irons in the fire!! One day I would love to hook one and also a Hit n Miss!!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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