Thursday, May 14, 2020

Throw Back Thursday (EDITED)

Since I've run into a little glitch while hooking Early Bird I'll do a flash back to Cape May 2014.  Don't worry, I promise to show you the glitch and what I do to fix my problem in my next post.

Stepping back in time to September 2014, Ali Strebel was my teacher that year.   The first task  in the class was doing a sampler of stitches.  Ali handed out pieces of linen to each of us and a few strips of wool in various colors.  I still have my sampler but since it isn't as organized or pretty as my pal Deb's I stole a picture of hers to show, albeit upside down.

Here is Ali demonstrating something but can't tell or remember just what it was.
Notice the gal above in navy blue (Elaine Copeman), she is the one who hooked Bertha at the Beach piece below.  This is a hoot and she did a magnificent job.
Some Ohio gals were there, but sadly not Lauren, and they seemed to love picking on me.  Hey, I'm easy to pick on, what can I say.
A Granny Donaldson rug hooked by Evelyn Lawrence, pattern by Woolley Fox. 
The Give Ye Thanks piece on the left was hooked by pal Deb Nees, a Lori Brechlin design and sold by Spruce Ridge Studio.  
Thanks to friend Joan Strausbaugh I now have a photo of Give Ye Thanks hooked by Janet Reid.  Notice the the Pink Cancer Ribbon on her door.  I believe this was Janet's way of expressing her THANKS for being in remission.
 Below is Button Basket hooked by Rebecca Erb.
Celtic Rabbits hooked by Evelyn Lawrence and design by Lisanne Miller.
A more colorful rug is "Dog Eat Dog World", designer unknown and hooked by Pat Levin.
Bee Head, designed by Bev Conway was hooked by Greta Schneider.
Ruth Hall hooked the 1835 PA Fraktur below.
New England Berry Tree design by Woolley Fox and hooked by Deb.
1830 Eagle hooked by Joan Strausbaugh and designed by Karl Kraft.
You can spot a Cheri Reid hooked rug a mile away.  Here are only three which were in the rug show.  The Red Lion Inn was huge so took two photos so you could enjoy the entirety of it.  The first photo shows the top which was heavily reinforced for it to hang properly .

Last but not least is a photo of some gals enjoying the fine weather hooking on the porch.  Am hoping Cape May will be happening again this September.
I didn't show all the rugs from the show as I've other things to do this afternoon.  Have wasted so much time trying to recover the photos, searching the archives on previous blog posts to find Janet's rug to no avail.  And including trying several times to edit the color changes in this post.  Frustration!!!!!

Again, if anyone has a photo of Janet's Give Ye Thanks rug please send me a copy.  Since Janet is no longer with us I'd like to have that as a fond memory of her struggle.  I believe that rug was her Giving Thanks for being in remission.    

Thank you Joan!!!!!!!  Oh, 'justgail' thank you for your email too but it went into my spam folder since you are a no-reply blogger and I didn't see your message in time.  You CAN fix the no-reply just do a google for those words.



  1. So many talented ladies out there. Amazing rugs! Janice

  2. So many great rugs and Bertha at the Beach is an absolute HOOT!
    Hard to believe it was 6 years ago that Deb, Katie and Sue were at Cape May. Those girls are as wild as ever!

  3. Love the swimmer! Great rugs


    You might have to scroll through other rugs, but Janet's rug is there. If it doesn't work, I searched for: Janet Reid "Give Ye Thanks" rug

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Sorry you have run into a "glitch" but you probably already have it corrected and are happily hooking again!
    Love all the photos and so nice that you have them to remind you of those special times!! I do hope that not only your camp but all the other ones that area supposed to happen, WILL!!! So glad you had some help finding that rug you were looking for, too!!
    Enjoy your day and Happy Hooking, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. Fun to read and great mat pics!
    Stay well,,,

  7. that's an amazing rug show!! Absolutely love the Cheri Reid rugs!! That lion!!! Oh MY! And I've seen "Bertha" before, but she always brings a smile to my face LOL. How awesome to take a class from Ali...I have always been a big fan of hers! Hope you're having better weather than we are here....cold, rainy, and glum :-( ~Robin~

  8. Love that 1830 Eagle. I am missing my rug school at Caraway in June,as well as a hook in. Bah humbug😡


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