Monday, June 29, 2020

Cape May 2015 Show Finale

Am glad you have enjoyed seeing rugs from the show so will post the others not previously displayed the last couple days.
Above is 1856 Basket antique adaptation by Lucille Festa.
Antique Hearts antique adaptation by Kris Miller.  The colors were much more rich in person but you know how photos don't always show the true colors.
In 2014 I did my own adaptation, the picture above was taken before making it into a pillow.  Kris' loops are always perfect ~ mine not so much, but then I do try to get an old look.  Oh, and I was using mostly hand torn.
There it is after making a BIG pillow.
Big Whale is a design by Lucille Festa.  
A Bev Conway design and another version of the Chalfonte Hotel was hooked by Ellen Savage.
Cherries and Candy Stripe is an antique adaptation drawn and hooked by moi'.
An antique adaptation and guess the dog's name was Chum or could it have been hooked by someone with that name?  And yes, the original antique had those spiked-looking feet.  I did this rug with Barb Carroll and asked how she would hook it as I'd drawn it with both a paw and the toes.  She said 'go for the toes'.
 A design by Betsy Reed is this crow which I hooked and made into a pillow.
Old Crow is a Lucille Festa design.
Daisy was hooked and sold by Kris Miller and love how she hooked the name at the bottom in a lighter value wool.
I believe The Tower, hooked by Michelle Micarelli, was part of a Tarot Card challenge.
 Kris Miller hooked Welcome Guests above.
Here is a Pearl McGowan design Willow Bank hooked by Cindy Painter.
 Windy Winter hooked by Vickie Lavigna.
Friend Deb hooked this Gustav Klimt design and named it "Apologies to Gustav".
You don't even need to look at the name of the designer or hooker on You Had me at Woof because you know it is a Cammie Bruce design.  I have always thought it was cute as the dickens.
Quite a glittery hooked piece by Alex Mathiasen and nice framing.
Midnight Clear, a Spruce Ridge Design, hooked by Kathy Mullaly.
Ah, the morning mess of a great previous day and evening of hooking.

Hope you are making progress in finishing up those UFOs which have been hidden for months/years or working on something new you've wanting to hook for a while.



  1. Wow, wow, and more wow! What a feast of rugs!!! So, so, many favorites!! I am continually impressed by the fine cuts of rugs like the Chalfonte Hotel, the McGown and the Tower, but my heart is drawn to the more primitives like your crow pillow, the "odd" old crow, the dog with the spiky toes. And then for no reason, I love the "Welcome Guests" and the cherries/candy stripe ones too. I refuse to go back and look again because I will add to my likes LOL. ~Robin~

  2. My favorite is the first one! But all are nice. Janice

  3. So any wonderful rugs...and so many more of yours.
    You can spot Cammie's rugs a mile away. She has such a sweet, primsical style.

  4. such wonderful color and talent! I love to walk into a hookers retreat and see the hookers mess. That is creativity in progress.

  5. Love this rug show !!! Beautiful rugs !!! Has to be so much fun being there & seeing everything in person ! Thank you !!!


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