Thursday, July 9, 2020

Change of Plans

Am sure you're thinking...'so what's new' since I'm always changing my mind.  Per my last blog post plans were to vacuum the wool threads, dust, etc. and  ponder the border.  That vacuum hasn't been moved ๐Ÿ˜.  

Figured if I took time to decide a strategy for the border would always find an excuse to why not pull it out again:
      ~  will hook up quickly anyway so it can wait
      ~  haven't decided what to do with it yet
      ~  am more interested in moving onto something new

You get the idea; so that is why it stayed on my frame and pushed myself to pull more loops.  But now need my loyal readers to give me your opinion.  I started the top border first using a variegated textured wool above the grey.  But was afraid the hint of red again would be overkill.  
Then decided to try something different for the sides so chose to use a strip of both textured and plain gold wool to see which I (and my readers) would choose a favorite.  Or would there be too much gold?

I don't mind pulling out loops and sure do value my readers' opinion.  So what would you do if it was your rug?

Something else.... I mentioned wool dust in my previous post and thought I'd show you a wonderful product offered by The Wool Farm.  It is fantastic for keeping threads and snippets off the working space of your pattern.  I own two ~ have one beside me at home and sometimes when going to camp would forget to pack it.  So purchased another to keep in my camp supplies ready to go.
This is the rest of the mess which needs to be cleaned up before the next project begins.  See....told you the vacuum hasn't moved but it will be moved before the next one begins.
Does anyone else make such a mess when they hook?  

Flood warnings for this area have been posted and will wait and see if it ends up being a tropical storm.  We do need the rain as the farmers and the rest of us have a drought here.  But if we get a high level of rain it might be too much all at one time.

Happy hooking, stay safe and keep yourself in a happy place.  Rug hooking is always my happy place.



  1. You’re asking for my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚. Oooohh you mean about the rug - whew. I like the top border. It looks “crumbly.”
    Also love that whisk.

  2. I loved the ends of the rug.
    We had bad storms come through last night lots of rain in a short amount if time never good

  3. Lighter colors added in the border at this point are distracting from the overall aged effect which is the object of the reproduction.
    Repeating the colors from the interior of the rug to the border always softens the overall look.
    Remember your eye will travel gently when harmony is obtained.
    Switch the current red to a deeper brick red...even a non textured one. Lose the brighter stripe as it makes the eye focus on it and not the lion. Don't be afraid to add a muted khaki to the border. Dull down khaki drab with some plum or Woodrow. Just a pinch to warm it up. There is a lot of gold so the red and khaki
    together in one simple line may tie everything together. Definitely keep some form of brick red as it adds depth and a bit of spark/poison needed
    You asked...
    Good luck!

  4. To have a "messy" work space invites creativity and thinking.
    The thinking allows the mind to look at the materials surrounding a project and become more at ease with color enhancement of the design. You can always clean up after the day has ended. But by being neat and orderly in the creative process it is easy for that "just right" piece if material or cut strip to be hidden behind the guise of organization.
    Who cares what someone else thinks...its your house.
    Think about it...

  5. I like the sides as well, and agree with the above about a darker red. Your mess looks pretty neat to

  6. I really like UR Mat,,,it looks Great,,,,You are amazing !!
    Such antique looking MATS!,!
    YOUR MESS is neater than mine!!!
    I have a hooking room,,,,So can shut the door,,,,
    and it's upstairs,,,out of the way,,,,
    Need to tidy after I finish my latest mat ,,,,when it's cooler!!!
    Too hot now and no Rain!
    Will go thru my mags ,,,,See if I can see anything on barbara๐ŸฃMERRY!

  7. I love your charming piece as is. These phone cameras can distort color. If I want a rug I’ve hooked to look older, there’s always walnut crystals. Instant vintage!




  8. I like the sides better. Something about that variegated red is distracting to my eye. Too light? Isn't anywhere else in rug?

    I'm not a rug hooker, but do get piles of fabrics and patterns around, threads & snippets all over. Unless things fall on the floor or start migrating out of the room, or hiding the tools, it's all good until the project is done.

  9. I like the sides better too & found newburyarts comments very interesting . Your hooking area looks nice & comfy !!! You know where everything is close at hand !
    We are expecting heavy rains tonight into the morning. I love lounging around on rainy mornings & sipping my coffee !

  10. I make such a mess when I hook! I don't know how to do art without being messy. But I have to keep cleaning it up every time we move since we live in an RV. That makes it challenging. I love your mat that you are working on!

  11. Yup. Me, too. Sides are better.
    I can't imagine hooking without a huge mess :)

  12. I like the sides better. LOL on not moving that vacuum! Janice

  13. Well.... I'm kinda all over the place. I do definitely like the sides better than the top.... That being said, I would love to see Newbury's vision in place....It sounds like it would be my cup of tea... However, I know that some of the old rugs had some "bizarre" colors as they used what they had, and you have an uncanny knack for reproducing that look. So....bottom line(s): 1) I like sides better than top 2) I am thinking I PERSONALLY would find Newbury's version more appealing and 3) I think your current color palette is likely more true to the original. I know, I'm so much help LMBO.... ~Robin~

  14. Hi Saundra,
    I find that rug hooking is so very personal and subjective! We ALL see things differently and have certain colors we just LOVE and gravitate to!! You KNOW how much I LOVE RED and will usually say the more the better, but as I looked at your rug, my eye kept going to the red plaid line and I really liked the sides better!
    Just my opinion and would not offer it had you not asked!! I always love how you hook a rug and know that you will find the best way that pleases YOU!!! Hope this helps you to find the perfect choice....for you!!!!
    Oh, and I am really really REALLY MESSY when I create and find that if I try to straighten things up, I just lose my creativity!!!! You can always clean it up later!!! Enjoy the chaos!!!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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