Monday, July 27, 2020

Project Update

Still working on the 'object of my affection' and after pulling and replacing some loops thought it time to share progress.  It's the first time off the frame to take a critical look.  
In case you missed the original post of this beautiful antique it was listed on an auction site and sold for $3,690.  It is a shirred rug dated 1830's and measured 32.5 x 71.5.  And NOPE mine isn't that big ~ drew mine 16 x 35. 

The auction house called it "Patriotic Shirred Rug".  As I wanted to offer it as a pattern had to come up with a name.  Was struggling for one so made a list which I can't find now but think these were some: 

    Patriotic Shields (since there are 3 shield designs)
    U.S. Strong
    American Patriot
    America Proud
    Pride, Glory & Freedom

I sent an email to only one friend and asked her opinion ~ she chose Pride, Glory & Freedom.  Uh, IF that really was the wording I'd originally sent in the email.  Would welcome everyone's input or suggestion.  Uh, Cathy, sweetie, your first thought isn't an option. 😄

Now am going to post the original antique so I can compare to see how far off from the original my colors are.  That said, just remember I'm using what I have and don't plan on over dyeing any wool.
Was another horrific hot and humid day ~ but then it is the end of July and will stay this way thru the first part of August.  Hope everyone is staying mentally strong keeping busy doing what makes them happy.  My  happy place is rug hooking and my communication with friends via my blog.



  1. Wow! I really love this design, Saundra. My first thought was that I liked Pride, Glory, and Freedom for a name. Just seems to suit the design...and that's my two-cents worth!

  2. It's a lovely Mat!
    Wow,,,,love it,,,
    Lots of reds,blues,,,,
    Have fun,keep cool,,,

  3. lol It is a wonderful rug! but for some reason that came to mind. I like pride glory and freedom also. If I ever get done these stair risers I need to go through the rugs you offer.
    we are hot too I hate it!!!!
    have a great day

  4. Looking great ! I like Pride, Glory & Freedom too ....Has been way too Hot & Humid here in New England too ....we need rain so badly , plants are turning brown & getting bugs. I'm ready for Fall !

  5. I do like "Pride, Glory & Freedom" also...but what popped into my mind was "Glory, Pride & Honor".... And, I want to know, of course, what Cathy's first suggestion was LOL. Stay cool Chica....we couldn't ask for better weather here.... ~Robin~

  6. ....or "Glory, Honor & Freedom"??? my head is going to twist the possibilities endlessly in my head....

  7. Oh, gosh...very nice vintage design.
    I wish I could help with a name but with all the disarray in D.C. and our ailing democracy nothing seems to fit for me. Sad times.


  8. That is going to be a spectacular rug...whatever it is called.

  9. Love patriotic pieces. This one will be fun.


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