Friday, October 2, 2020

Something Lauren Said

 Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and I email one another beyond commenting on each other's blog.  In one such correspondence she said something like..."you mean you have never hooked and stuffed a pumpkin?"  Nope, I haven't.  

So being shamed by my friend thought it was high time for me to do something about that, not only because I've admired hers each time she makes one but because they would be an awesome fall addition to my harvest table.

So I drew one pumpkin on the rug warp inherited from Joyce Closter of Cedar Falls.  I did remove the wool she had stitched to extend the size and am using cotton.  Heck, that wool was good useable wool, lol.
Drew two more pumpkins on a leftover piece of linen too small for much else and added size to that as well.
I'll be using my small sit-upon frame for this project and continuing the boring task of binding the remaining two mats.  So now you know what will be on my frame next.  There Lauren, ya happy now? 😁



  1. When I saw the title of your post, I was a bit!
    Well, your pumpkins will be just wonderful and I know you will hook them quickly. Heck, even I can hook them quickly. I've never hooked on rug warp. How do you like it? What cut?

  2. You and Lauren are too funny ! Your pumpkins will be Great !!!!

  3. Love pumpkins~ they each have their own personality.

  4. I love Lauren's pumpkins and Acorns ! I can't wait to see you do yours. I have never made one either. I have never used rug warp I am hooking on monks cloth right now and wonder why I ever stopped using it I am really liking it.

  5. Will be Fun!
    I hooked pumpkin pieces,,,and never put it together and stuffed it!!so my friend took it and sewed it all together and fin8shed it off for me and gave it to me for my Sept birthday,,,,,,It's wonderful,,,,
    On my table now,,,,,

  6. Rats....thought we were gonna get some good dirt with that title LOL. Well, I can actually I did hook AND stuff a pumpkin....well, actually a jack-o-lantern....many, many, moons ago. It's pretty pathetic, but I actually took it out this year for some reason. Mine is just a small thing. And, of course, the hooking queen has to do 3 right away LOL. ;-) Can't wait to see them! ~Robin~\

  7. LOL Cannot wait to see the finished stuffed pumpkin. Janice


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