Saturday, April 10, 2021


Am borrowing some words from the Kopp's, think it is time for me to show some old rugs.  First is this reclining dog which measures 33 x 55.
Found the Boy Scout Camp on an auction site, property of Susan Parrish, and measures 
20 x 36.  No date was provided.
Well of course I have to show at least one horse rug when doing an antique rug show.  The Black Stallion motif measures 26 x 34 and was hooked on burlap.  Take note to NEVER fold rugs and store them, see the crease in the rug which will also break the fibers of an old brittle foundation.  Hooked rugs should be rolled up with the loops on the outside.
Here is a view of part of the back.
An Amish hit and miss rug measuring 48 x 78 is the collection of Jim and Nancy Glazer.
Here is a view of the back showing repairs.  Can't even tell from looking at the front that it had been repaired.
Two horse profiles hooked early 20th century measures 25 x 40.
Hen and Chicks hooked rug is the antique from which Barb Carroll did a design she calls "Purple Peeps".  Was hooked early 20th century.
And yup, another horse.  This one reminds me of cave art and was hooked between 1800-1899.  It measures 28 x 47.
Another view at an angle so you can see the entire rug.
A neutral colored early dog from Rockland, MA measures 19x40.
What is this animal below?  I know it is a hit and miss border but don't recognize the critter at all.
After doing this blog post I learned what that critter is in the above photo.  It is a Tapir.  You can find out about it HERE.

Guess it's time to go for the walk and pick up my mail then sit and hook.  Haven't pulled a loop yet today because I had the 'north 40' to cut.  Yeah, 'tis that time of year again.



  1. Oh, my. That horse rug with the pink background is just butt ugly. I wonder if it is just faded? That last rug is making my head spin.
    Now that neutral colored dog...WONDERFUL!

  2. The Boy Scout Camp has such pretty colors . The Early Dog is pretty , love the flowers . The last one looks like a Bird Dog to me , pretty funny , the border is so neat , but that is a crazy looking animal !!! Always love your rug shows !

  3. Like the purple peeps,,,,and the horses,,,,
    Cutting Grass!!!wow,,,,Not quite yet,,,,but rain here today,so,,,,,

  4. I choose the two horse profile out of this group. Interesting to see the repair.

  5. I love your antique rug shows. Hen and chicks is on my list to do someday.

  6. So many wonderful old rugs out there! Janice


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