Tuesday, April 20, 2021

This Time Last Week.....

....there was to be April MD Shores Rug Camp except it was cancelled for the second year in a row due to Covid.  So thought I'd reminisce, share parts of it with you and dream of the one for 2022.  I registered for Norma Batastini in 2018 but due to her health Eric Sandberg filled in for her.

I've had Eric before, he is a great teacher, very prepared and hands-on with students.  Eric LOVES color and I've always remembered his quote "light, bright, dark, dull" for what makes a good rug; although I don't always adhere to his advice.

The rug pattern I took for class was one for which I had no color plans but took wool colors I like and which go with my home interior.  Of course I'm always open to buy wool to make the rug better or wool that is just yummy for the future.  The design is called Flower Power.  Remember, I'm a primitive hooker and love antique rugs with dirty colors 😊.   In full disclosure the April camp is a McGowan camp therefore destiny might be determined.

This is the finished rug, it is pretty and definitely has Eric's signature all over, just not my signature.  Plus I've never displayed it in my house as it looks out of place.  Anyone want to buy a rug?
Yet I have been known to hook rugs with color, not all of mine have been drab or dull rugs.  Here is an antique adaptation I did called Stars and Diamonds ~ quite colorful I'd say.
Eric used me as a model for his color planning lesson on what wool doesn't work in color planning a rug.  I snapped the photo just as he was  gesturing in my direction, you can see the other gals chuckling as was I.  He said my colors were bland and basically all the same boring value.  Did I care?  Nope, ran off me like water on a duck's back.
 are a few rugs from the show.  The one below was hooked by Capri and had a price tag on it of $6,862.  It was a big beautiful rug.
The one below is named Cape May.
In the rugs below I see a Bev Conway design with a girl and horse so there was at least one other primitive hooker in attendance.
Dorset Flowers below and I love that background with the soft large blocks of plaid.
Gettysburg, a Quail Hill design, is the rug below.
Love Margaret Shaw's designs and here is a rabbit design by her in progress.  Yes, at the McGowan rug camp but obviously not in my class.
Be still my heart...sure do love this Poppies piece below!!!!!  See, I do like color after all.
This is something I learned from this geometric hooker and another friend who does this.  When working on a big rug at rug camp pull loops where color is established to maximize time with the teacher for color planning then take it home with the story already planned out.  Easy peasy.  
One last photo I'd like to share is this fantastic pin hooked by Tish Murphy of Pierre Keller, Eric's grandfather.  It was unbelievably realistic and must have been hooked with colored dental floss size strips.  WOW!!!!  Do you believe what you are seeing right now??
Happy Hooking.



  1. I am with you on the muted drab colors. Janice

  2. Oh wow! That is a pin!?! Also, I'm with you - those poppies are scrumptious. Sorry camp is canceled. Hopefully this hoopla ends soon.

  3. Sorry about camp,,,again,,,,beautiful mats!!
    Love UR stories,,,,,

  4. Drabs make my heart sing!!! I had a class with Eric in NC. He is a gem.

  5. Amazing pin! I do love primitive also but not sure I would have loved him using me as an example for bland. I do like to go out side my comfort zone now and then as everything is a learning experience great idea with pulling the pieces through.

  6. Great trip down memory lane. Sad it was cancelled two years in a row.
    Tish's pin is beyond amazing! You are so correct...colored dental floss. Argh!!!

  7. Another rug camp cancelled , so sorry , was hoping things were going to begin to start up again ....
    Funny about your colors ....I had an art teacher who hated I liked to do do antique designs ...he wanted everything abstract ....I won that battle !!
    OMG , that pin !!! Incredible !!! Fun to see everyone's projects !


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