Friday, April 16, 2021


I have missed all my fur babies and the last one lost was my boy Ben.  Am trying to create a Memorial for him as I did the others and it is going slowly even tho the linen is small.  

Have pulled out loops and replaced with different value or color ~ have hooked him upside down while looking at his profile upside down.  Although I'm trying desperately to get a good representation of him in #8 and #8.5 it will never replace my Benny Ben. 

Thought it about time to show you my progress so far.  By the way, I don't have those tangles any more.  And that which appears as orange on his cheek does NOT look like that in person, it looks more brown with a lighter brown as you see.
So far I'm pleased because I can see Ben ~ maybe because I WANT to see him.  Here  is the original handsome boy from which I cropped part to make his profile.  What shows up as brown in the ears on my hooking really shows up as a greyish black in person.  Eventually maybe I'll grab another camera or do other setting to get the better shot.
My Boy Ben was adopted at the age of 4 years 7 months and I had him for about 5 years but not nearly long enough.  



  1. Ah~ you got his kind eye. Superbly done! Will be a fine memorial (I don't have emojis one this or would put a heart.)

  2. It's amazing,,Saundra!
    Gosh,,you are Good!
    Not long enough ,,,

  3. you are doing a good job as usual. It is so hard to lose a pet they are truly part of the family

  4. I think it really looks like him. Our pup is 13 and I can’t imagine life without her.

  5. Wow! That’s wonderful, Saundra! A great likeness! Lori

  6. Such a handsome boy he was. And I think you are doing an amazing job.

  7. A great tribute to a beautiful boy! Janice

  8. Think your hooking looks great of your Boy Ben ! Gosh , you didn't have him long enough ....seems like that happens too often now days. Love the colors for your background too .


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