Sunday, April 25, 2021

WIN Some LOSE Some

Sadly I lost a follower today and wonder why that happens.  I'm a follower on many blogs but never thought about going back to one and removing my name as a follower.  Oh well, c'est la vie.  

I've started a Patsy Becker design named Jewel Basket.  Actually I hooked this pattern many years ago before I had any wool stash and most what I had was bland non-textured wool.  So when spying the pattern at rug camp a few years ago decided to try it again but better colors.  As  you can see I'm also making some changes ~ what's new.
I've moved the basket down a smidge and will make the flowers larger, might lose a couple leaves during the process so who knows how this will turn out.  Will show the other hooked one in a later post after getting more of this one hooked.

And, I have a redux of my boy Ben's Memorial.  Here is the after just finished today:
Here is the before.
I'm going to call him done for now.  If that eye bother's me I can always pick it up and tweak it.  For some reason and some how that eye has a different look now that the wool around it has changed.  But am done stressing over it for the time being.



  1. Your new project looks really pretty already ....I love basket designs .
    And you did a great job on Ben ....his coat looks great & that face is beautiful !!!

  2. Ben's redux is perfection!!! Don't change a thing.

  3. Ben is a beauty,,,,
    Your new one is going to be fun,,,,

  4. Your tweaks look great to me. Your new rug looks like a fun one have you shown the other before?

  5. I do see a difference, I wonder if much of it is different lighting on different days? I guess I'd leave it sit for a while before deciding. You certainly captured how handsome he was though!

  6. I actually like the eye on the finished Ben best. It was the first thing I noticed. A nice big basket of flowers will make for a nice change after hooking Ben. What cut is that??

  7. Ben is beautiful! I hooked a rug for my kitty as a tribute too. I cannot tell you how many times I tweaked it. Janice

  8. Sorry, if it was me that followed along and then put it to privately watching. I don't do rug hooking; but I love the look and wish I could learn. So I follow along to see your work. Love what you have done with the dog. Your work is amazing. I will follow along publicly now. ;o)


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