Monday, April 12, 2021


Have you ever gotten tangles in your hooking?  I've gotten my knickers in a twist before 😊 but don't normally get them in my hooking.  Yet I'm getting those tangles twisted up now.  You see, since I've stopped cutting off loops at the top like I normally do ~ then change my mind, pull out the loops and am stuck with a short piece of wool good for nothing but a snippet.  So I've started keeping the length of wool under until I see if it is going to work.

Problem is when pulling out a loop I pull out something attached to it and end up with more of a mess because it pulls out more wool.  Obviously not a very smart way to work on a rug.
So I've got to change that and start to keep my wool strips cropped.  Have been g
oing rather slowly on my precious boy but I'll eventually get there.  Here is what my boy looks like now.  Remember, this is NOT what I see in person ~ the camera lies.
The background makes him look very deceiving because it is the light green right next to what is the shine on Ben's black hair in the photo.  So perhaps I need to change that grey shine out for the black wool rather than trying to copy the photo.  Here is that photo.
Perhaps it is now the time to draw a SMALL to play with between the down time with my boy.  Or guess I could just clean up my wool room.  UGH such a boring task, lol.



  1. I have got tangles,,,Yes,,,It's a pain,,,
    Your boy is looking great,,l,

  2. No tangles here, I’m fanatical about cutting as I go. He’s looking so nice!
    My wool room was like all my cupboards- I’d straighten up only to jumble them in a week.

  3. Nice progress. I wouldn’t be able to handle the tangles. When I want to leave a just in case tail, I pull a big loop just short of pulling the end through, all the way to the top. Not sure that would help you since you are changing colors frequently.

  4. oh, I could not deal with that!!! But Ben is off to a good start :-)

  5. Yup....I tried to do that too & didn't work for me either I clip the ends all the time now .
    Think your Ben is looking really good !!!

  6. I always cut as I go I couldn't deal with the tangles either


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