Thursday, April 29, 2021

Throwback Thursday

Thought I'd show you the Jewel Basket pattern I hooked at home several years ago.  Yes, it is the same design I am presently working on again after 17 years.
At that time the only 'good wool' I had was that left over from that which was purchased for two rug patterns hooked at camp.  I've had this rug on the step landing for 17 years and it will be so nice to replace it with what I hope will be a better representation of the design.

Stay tuned to see what the 2021 version of this design looks like.  Happy Hooking.



  1. Based on the picture in the previous (yes, I am behind on my blog reading), I like the new version MUCH better.

  2. What a difference !!! The new wools and everything you have learned has made your rugs more beautiful !!!

  3. I think we all grow in our designs and color matching. I looked at previous pics from years ago and my oh my, I know I have grown. I do like your new one better. Janice

  4. Looks like it has held up beautifully. Always interesting to look at those oldies that we were so proud of.


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