Thursday, April 22, 2021


Looking back at some 2012 photos from Rugs by the Sea rug camp in Cape May a couple things caught my eye which didn't when first posting them years ago.  But first a few pictures of rugs.  Below is a Hutchinson inspired rug.
I've hooked this antique adaptation below with hearts and made  mine into a pillow.  Jennie, do you see a familiar design to the left of it??
A Frost sheep design below.
This Beagle rug makes me smile.  Is he sniffing the air or loving the breeze flowing by his ears?
No doubt about it, this is a Polly Minick Design because I drew many of them for her.
Do you notice anything strange about this rug 😊.  BTW, this is right side up.
Now to things I never noticed before.  Take a look at the rug frame attachment below.  The desk looking table probably accommodates a cutter, has holes to place various hooks and/or scissors, and a groove for a sharpie or pencil like our old school desks had.  
And something else I didn't notice when hooking in the same room is the rolling container beside dearly departed friend Susan Woodworth (in pink).  It would be easy to transport lots of wool the sturdy top could hold the wool for the area or motif being worked on and looks like she even has a container with a snack ~ basically another accessible table top.  I think I want one of those.
Happy Thursday and happy hooking.



  1. What a great look back. The beagle made me giggle. Janice

  2. I have a stand like that for my frame my husband made it and yes a cutter can hook to it. I have a couple of rolling cases for my hooking one I got at Joann's fabric for 45.00 it is meant for a sewing machine, threads etc but it works great for a cutter and wool it also fits my folding frame,it has lots of pockets for hooks and scissors. The other came is like a rolling shopping basket it is deep so good for wool and a frame.

  3. Great mats and memories,,,,
    Love the dog mat!!!

  4. The beagle rug is very cute. Our beagle did the same thing in the wind - nose up, eyes focused somewhere far off, ears flopping in the breeze (yet shutting of any sound of us calling to her!). Some days she'd come home nose rubbed raw from sniffing bunny and squirrel trails so much.

    The welcome rug - by the time they noticed the rug was being hooked from the wrong side, it was too much to rip out and restart? Or was it was a polite "go away" mat - as in the opposite of "welcome".

  5. Yes, I do see a bit of Prudence in that pic. Hope she had as much fun hooking hers as I did.

  6. More beautiful rugs.....funny Welcome is backwards !!!
    That is an amazing rug hooking stand ...too neat & orderly for me !!! I get a lot of exercise bending over & picking up things !!!

  7. What a treat....a peek into your hooking many "gadgets" e great ideas.
    Thank you for sharing. ☆ Can't wait till we can gather again!
    ~Donna M


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