Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Time on a Frame

A few weeks ago I drew out a pattern and was gung-ho to hook it.  Was to be an early start for a Christmas gift and even brought wool to start it.  Looked at the pattern on my frame and had absolutely no interest.  See guys, I've told you before I'm a fickle hooker.  Believe me now?? lol
So I drew another design and have started it but taking my time.  Already I've ripped out hooked areas about 3 times.  Finally decided to just hook what I know, keep going until I can look at it with fresh eyes later. 
But at least I'm interested in this one. 

Happy hooking.



  1. Whatever you are hooking will be wonderful !!!! And a very special gift !!!

  2. I had a funny thought while reading this - the blind hooker: Close your eyes, Pick up a noodle, and Hook open your eyes and make it work (I don't have laughy faces on my computer). I could try really hard and end up looking like I tried such a feat :-) Curious to see what you've come up with.

  3. And what, pray tell, is on your frame?

  4. Well I stopped hooking and started working on Halloween for the store now. What do you have on your frame now? Janice

  5. I’m not happy with my current project but I’m out of linen so I’m determined to keep going. Ughhhh. I know that lack of interest feeling!


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