Thursday, April 8, 2021

My Hooking Struggle

Last post didn't show you much of what was on my frame other than a lot of dark wool.  Not so sure I've progressed that much more since then but will show you what little has been accomplished and why the struggle.  

After posting some of my projects on Facebook for the rug a day for 10 day challenge I posted photos of my Rottie Memorial of Shumba and Panzer as well as Shadow.  My boy Ben was missing.  Yeah, I hooked a shape of him in a design named Golden in the Garden and replaced the Golden with a primitive shape of a Rottie.  But did NOT consider that a good representation of my handsome sweet boy so knew one was needed, therefore the struggle. 

You would not believe how many times I've pulled out the eye ~ more than I can count on one hand.  The head and nose area has also been replaced more times than I remember.  So just before deciding to take a photo and post my struggle, thought I'd do one row of background around the profile shape.
Ya see all those dark value differences in the gathering of wool above?  Ya understand my quandary with deciding what color to choose and what size strip?  FYI, I'm hooking Ben in #8 and #8.5 for background, BUT outlines and other strips might be as little as #3.  Below is the profile photo I chose and which is the bane of my progress.
Notice the shine on the black hair and nose, around the eye?  He is a black dog with a little brown.  How the hell do I get those eyes right?  How do I get the shine to not look silver but shiny black?

Okay,'re thinking 'why not do that in class with a teacher?'  I did that with Shadow's piece.  The teacher was great but the stress of hooking something so personal and precious was NOT the making of a fun class ~ and rug camps are supposed to be FUN!!!!

Therefore decided to hook my handsome boy at home.  Perhaps after seeing my hooking endeavor on the computer tomorrow will give me insight on how to proceed.  All I can say is that I am now working on something which has my heart!!!  But wish Ben was here instead.

Looking at what I've hooked it looks like brown wool in the ear in the photo.  But that is not what it looks like in person.  



  1. This is just a thought~ one time I did an art exercise that had surprisingly good results. Turn his picture and your work upside down and work on it. Especially knowing him and his expression(s), you are probably trying to hook how you felt about him rather than "just a pix." By flipping your work, your brain sees the colors and shapes rather than what is programed in your memory. He sure was a handsome fella! (I like rotties)

  2. Wow,,,Looking so good,,,,I can't imagine ever doing anything like that,,,,

  3. Awwww. Sweet guy. You can do this. ❤️

  4. Ben was a very handsome dog. My niece had a Rottie she loved dearly and still misses after 5? years. I was quite fond of him also. That's an interesting idea of turning your picture and rug upside down. Is there such a thing as shiny wool for his eyes? A way to make wool you do have shiny (iron the heck out of it?) ? Or what about another shiny black fabric? Or is it too soon after the alternate materials challenge?

  5. You are a much better hooker than I am. I would never attempt that.
    You will do him justice...I am sure of that :)

  6. Oh Lauren, I would never attempt that. But I know you’ll persevere till it is how you remember your Ben.

  7. Wow , he was a Beautiful Boy ! I also can't try hooking my beloved boy we said good bye to 4 years ago . We have new little boy to love ....that just seems too challenging to me too . You did do an amazing job on your other sweet boys.
    Turning you piece upside down , never heard of that either . Worth a try . I know you can do it !!! You do beautiful work with colors .

  8. I had trouble with my carrot. Cannot fathom how I would handle your beautiful tribute to your pup. I did one of my kitty and for the most part it turned out as expected. I know you will prevail in this. Janice


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