Tuesday, April 27, 2021


I'm testing my instincts and testing my color choices.  Hell, color choices are always a testy time for me.  And as all of you know by now I play (hook) by the seat of my pants.  I'm changing the design as I go making the flowers bigger which means moving or REmoving some leaves.
If you look closely to the bottom of the 'basket' on the left side I've moved it down a tad to make room for the somewhat larger flowers to come.  Some of the smaller flowers above might be eliminated to make way for more prominent flowers as well. 

Weather today was quite warm and the pollen count VERY high.  I've been sneezing like crazy and wake up with sticky crap on my eye lids in the morning.  But it is seasonal and this too shall pass.



  1. I like your color choices and the background is a gray? I start with a color plan and then as I go it goes out the window

  2. I really like this pattern. Wondering if you might have to outline the flowers in something a bit lighter due to the dark background?? Or maybe it’s just the photo.

  3. This is looking very pretty ! Love the flowers ! Sneezing , itchy eyes , runny nose, a few more weeks to struggle with these issues too !!!

  4. Loving the primitive colors of your latest rug. It went from 88 to 47 degrees tonight. What a temperature change. Janice


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