Friday, April 2, 2021

Last Loop....Now What?

Finally pulled the last loop on Black Tailed Rabbits antique adaptation so next task is binding.  It is a small piece and can't believe it took me so long to finish it.  Yet I did draw a few rug patterns and did a line drawing of another antique adaptation for someone so I have been busy.
Grabbed a hooked Bunny and stuffed applique eggs to place on the sofa table near the front door to have some fun Easter decorations on display.  The bunny is a Brenda Gervais design.
Was actually looking for a hooked Easter egg I made some years ago and was sure it was here but couldn't find it.  Plans were to put it in a vintage Easter basket instead of the applique eggs.  Here is a photo of two eggs hooked a while ago and was sure the one in the basket was still here.  Bunny and egg sold several years ago but cannot find the other.  Will need to make new ones before next Easter for sure.
Weather has been a roller coaster ride here in Delaware ~ last week we had temps in the 80s today there were snow flurries and freeze warning.

Good Friday to you all and be safe as you travel to visit loved ones for the Easter holiday.



  1. Loving all of your bunnies. What a fun idea to hook Easter eggs! Happy Easter Saundra! Janice

  2. Great displays,,,,
    Happy easter Saturday,,,
    Lockdown here again,,,No visiting,,,Just another quiet weekend here,,,

  3. Love your Bunny rugs & what a cute idea to hook Easter Eggs !!!
    Enjoy some chocolate Bunnies !!!

  4. Your bunnies are charming. Hope you have a nice Easter Day.

  5. I love that B Gervais bunny! I should put that on my hooking list!
    Also love the hooked eggs. I may just have to steal your idea!
    Happy Easter!!!


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