Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Another Magdalena Briner Eby Rug

I've only just begun the project but thought I'd give you an update on the duck as that is all I've accomplished on the rug so far.  However, me thinks some reverse hooking will happen once I compare Magdalena's original to what I've hooked in the body of the duck.  There seems to be less teal and too much cream color.  Think that will change.
Back on my frame now is Ox Farm since it needs to be completely hooked to offer as a pattern on my web site.  I've had inquires about a pattern but the design has evolved since it was started from the original post HERE.  So it means I need a new master pattern.  
Meanwhile I've posted this partly hooked rug on my web site which appears at the bottom of the page.  The dimensions are what this one is drawn (17.5 x 27) but will draw whatever size you desire.



  1. Great rugs you are always so busy hooking lucky you

  2. The beginning of your mat looks great!!!you are a hooking queen,,,,Glad to hear u can do it again!!!

  3. Enjoy hooking your new rug and congratulations on the OX Farm pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.

  4. Its such a lovely rug! Its so nice to get to see your hooking projects.

  5. Fun watching your hooking projects come to life !!!!

  6. You're a hooking machine Woman.... Have fun! ~et~ (Somehow my blog reading list has disappeared....cannot bring it to life no matter what so I have no clue who has posted any more....Only found you as I knew you post regularly and I searched by your blog name. This is not good...)

  7. See now you're rollin'!! Still love the ox cart. I think I like oxen for some reason (umm because I'm weird probably.) And you always choose the "right" colors :-)


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