Sunday, July 11, 2021

No Hooking so A Rug Show

I'm not hooking by choice, I can't use my left hand to even hold a strip of wool.  At first I thought Friday's left hand discomfort was the occasional flare up of osteoarthritis.  But I was in such pain all Friday night and yesterday that I began to wonder if by bracing my fall by extending my left arm might have fractured my wrist.

To make it clear, before the fall I was experiencing more back and joint  pain.  But at 1 pm yesterday decided to go to the ER and get some x-rays.  I spent 5 hours in the ER, they gave me Tylenol for pain and a wrist/thumb brace to stabilize the hand.  Did learn the x-rays showed no fracture BUT also learned it  might take 5 days for a break to show up in a part of the wrist.  My hand has swollen up even more over night and have used ice to try and help reduce swelling.  

Okay, enough of that crap.  Lets see some rugs.  

This is a soothing 3 flower rug with hit and miss border.  It measures 22.5 x 40.  The purple is neutral in this piece, just as Barb Carroll told me.
A black and white dog with claw type toes, stripe background and flowers.  It measures 27 x 47.
A view of the back so you can see the original colors.  And it appears the purple and pink flowers are the ones which faded most.
That isn't the first dog with claw like toes as I hooked an antique adaptation similar.  It was hooked with Barb Carroll.
Now you feline lovers have a double treat and have a very clear photo of the alternative textiles to hook the one below.  
Cats rug measures 20 x 41.  
BTW, I'm typing one-handed using the one finger method as the left hand is useless anyway and have an ice pack on it.
Rooster and Hen was given a date of 1920 so well in that public domain timeframe.  The dimensions are 
22.5 x 38.5.
Berry Bush measures 29 x 29 and dated 1898.
The Geometric rug from 1920 measures 27 x 54.
Cute Cowgirl holding reins measures 24 x 37.5 hooked late 19th century.  Provenance is sale from horse farm and resort.
I keep eyeing Cottage House with Apple Tree and birds but have the 
Magdalena waiting to be on linen.  The rug was hooked 1920 with dimensions of 30 x 42.
Friend and follower Jennie saw this Turkey rug and thought she'd send me a photo.  Just so happened I hadn't seen it; t
hanks for thinking about me Jennie.
The grass needed cutting this past Thursday but it rained.  Then with  Friday's pain it couldn't be done, spent the big part of my Saturday in the ER and is Sunday and still cant use the left hand as the pain is excruciating.  But as the saying goes...."this too shall pass".  Hope your weekend has been better than  mine.



  1. Oh my goodness hope you hand feels better soon & that you don't have a fracture !!!
    I Love Berry Bush , Rooster & Hen & Cottage with apple tree !!!! You keep finding beautiful old rugs !!!
    Yesterday was dry and just a little humid ...this morning was just cloudy , but its pouring rain again ....this weather pattern needs to change !!! I feel as though we are in Seattle !!!
    Take Care & heal fast !!!!

  2. Hope your wrist is ok. I so love that turkey rug! Janice

  3. So sorry your wrist is injured. Hoping you heal quickly. I love these rugs (the horse being my favorite). Wouldn’t you love to know the detailed history of each.

  4. So sorry to hear about your wrist. I hope whatever it is heals quickly. How will you cope not being able to hook?
    Your MBE choice is going to be so cool. I look forward to watching you hook that.

  5. Well, scrap that previous reply to you....Had this post shown up earlier, it would have saved me a great deal of typing LOL. I am glad you went in and have a brace. Will you have to go back after the 5 days to be sure about no fracture?? It's going to be pure torture for you not to hook.... But, I suppose it would give you lots of time to scroll through more and more old rugs. Why is it, though, that we always want to do even more that which we cannot? ~Robin~

  6. Amazing mats!!!wow,,,,
    Gosh,,Hope UR wrist is OK!!!so sorry you are in pain!!!
    Take care,,,,and hoping it's not fractured,,,,

  7. So sorry about your painful wrist. Wishing you speedy recovery and hope that the wrist is not broken.

    My favorite are the same as N M K, Berry Bush, Cottage House and Rooster and Hen.

    Take care of that wrist. Hooking can wait...
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Oh goodness, I am so sorry. I do hope that pain goes away. When did you fall? I love that rug Cottage House with a Apple Tree.
    I love those rugs. I plan on hooking more today. I have to finish my current so I can do the others without the one I am working on griping at me in my mind. I can't believe you did that whole post with one hand. Here I am with two hands and I haven't posted.
    I hope your hand gets better sooner than later.

  9. I'm sorry you fell, sorrier you got hurt. I had no idea it could take that long for a wrist fracture to show up. I hope it heals quickly and with no lasting issues. It is a good reason to post some lovely antiques.

  10. Oh so sorry about your wrist I hope it resolves soon.
    I love the berry tree so simple and cute.
    Thanks as always

  11. Just now getting to reading about your wrist. So very sorry. What an annoyance As my mother always said, getting old isn’t for sissies. My favorite is the berry tree.


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