Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Next Plus One

The Ox Farm isn't done yet but as the Thin Blue Line is all hooked (not bound yet tho) I'll need a 'plus one' to work on or at least have ready to go in a nanosecond.  I've decided what that one is ~ Magdalena Briner Eby's Rooster, Duck and Horse is what I'm going to work on in tandem.    
This is an old photo of the original rug and the dimensions were written on the back of the photo.  I've enlarged my rug to 25 x 30 and that will be plenty large for me ~ the original rug measured 30 x 36.

At the time of the printing of Magdalena's story that rug was the newest find.  
Since then Magdalena's Goat was located on an auction site and Lititz Hens was also discovered.  Wonder how many more of her rugs are out there decorating someone's walls we don't know about?



  1. Well I think I have become a big fan of her work. I love that next one you are going to do. They are such treasures aren't they.
    Is that book available? Do you know?
    I just loved those rugs you drew out for me. Just awesome.
    Have a lovely day

  2. This will be Beautiful !!!

  3. The animals will be quite big in this rug. I was trying to decide if the green animal was a chicken, next to the rooster. I like the animals but not too keen on the colorful fill in lines. Maybe if they were in less vibrant colors. I guess, she used the colors she had on hand.


  4. I have yet to do one of her rugs yet with my pile of ahead of me I not sure I will live long enough.

  5. I scrolled a bit down to posts I've missed while in "silent" mode.... I love how Ox Farm is coming along... I know this is like the pot calling the kettle black (can we still say that????), but I think you are overthinking the design. You know my thoughts on the matter, so I will not repeat them...but I do hope it doesn't stay on the "back burner" too long or it may go dry. Interesting choice for your next rug...I am curious how you will put your own twist on it. ~et~

  6. She was quite the prolific hooker. Like you, I guess!!

  7. A fun mat,,,and a fun Background!

  8. Looking forward to seeing this one completed! Janice


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