Friday, July 30, 2021

Oldies But Goodies

Yup, it's that time again ~ time to show you some old rugs.  Below, the  Black horse with leaf order was hooked 19th century.  It measures 24.5 x 38 and the auction house said it sold for ONLY $198.90!!  Sheesh, wish I had been that lucky final bidder.
This 1800's Quebec rug has been restored by Sandi Percival.  I cannot see where the restoration took place and would say Sandi did a fantastic job.
Two Cats on a geometric background dated between 1870-1890.  This one sold for $6,500 and measures 33.5 x 53.5.
Here are a few close-up photos of areas of that rug; I love it when the auction house does that and/or shows the back of the rug.

A hooked quilt block with floral grids hooked 20th Century and measures 28 x 51.
Here is a view of the back, notice how the rug was hooked thru double layer of foundation to make it's own self binding. 
Neither the abstract design nor the colors strike my fancy.  But obviously the person who hooked it in the 1900's thought otherwise.  It measures 27 x 45.
Black Cats and Bunnies measures 25 x 39 and was hooked by Bertha Martin in the 1930s-40s.
A pair of colorful Parakeets hooked between 1890-1920 measures 30 x 47.
And finally, something which put a smile on my face when I saw it ~ Puss in Boots.  Dimensions are 20 x 34, provenance is a NH estate and estimate for date is between 1900-39.
Again this one has been hooked thru double layer of backing to make its own self-binding.
Back to the background on Ox Farm so there will be a completed rug photo to show on my web site.  Happy hooking.



  1. Wow!! What treasures! I think my Mom did that hooking though a double layer of backing. I remember watching her, because she would baste them together before she hooked.
    It makes me sad to see rugs with no home. Knowing someone loved them.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  2. The psychedelic rug sure is hard on the I wonder if the person who hooked it was of sound mind, I like that the rug hookers of olden days used what they had and were content with it. Maybe that's what give the antique rugs their charm.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. That abstract is hideous IMHO!
    Love all the kitty rugs...especially Puss in Boots ;-)

  4. You always find such interesting rugs to share. I like the second rug and of course PnB.

  5. wonderful rugs but you have to think the abstract was with what ever they had for material. Love puss in boots.

  6. Well I picked the first horse as my favorite, but when I got to Puss ‘n Boots, he surely made me smile.

  7. A Fun rug show ! Puss & Boots is great !
    I got my issue of ATHA and Love seeing your challenge rug article and seeing my piece was xtra Fun !!! Now I am really excited to get more issues !!!
    I think my husband is having a panic attack though ....more hooking projects on the way !!! LOL !!!

  8. Finally got my blog roll back. I hate blogger sometimes. UGH I especially like the house one with the red and white. Janice


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