Sunday, July 4, 2021


My July 4th celebration will be the same as it has been for years now, non-eventful.  But back in the day I (we) couldn't wait to get to Assateague Island and celebrate with our friends, watch fireworks, eat and drink until we were stuffed.  Hard shell blue crabs were always my favorite and didn't leave a morsel of meat in the membranes.  
Independence means a lot more to me today than ever as it seems we Americans are losing some of it and our freedoms little by little.  

Moving on, I won't bore you with all my patriotic items, just a few.  Below is a design by Polly Minick she named Sam's Hat which I hooked in 2007.  I gave it to my son to raise money for the local American Legion.
An Uncle Sam doll I design and made tons of when vending.  Don't have any left for myself and no desire to make another as I've lost my dollmaking mojo.
And I love this We Folk design by Vermont Folk Art Rugs.  
Yesterday I worked outside for over an hour and noticed blooms on a bush I've had for years.  It has never had such beautiful blooms as this before.  Anyone (Lauren?) know the  name of this bush?
Another view; there are two of those bushes in there.
I  then moved over to another area of the front yard as some scraggly limbs needed to be cut off, unwanted climbing vine on said tree needed to be removed and bent over to pull a couple weeds on my way there.  Unfortunately I disturbed a yellow jacket nest underground, the bees followed and swarmed around me so I dropped everything.  
One bee landed on my hand but thank goodness I was gloved, had on long sleeves, long pants and had sprayed myself before going outside.  My glove hadn't been sprayed and the sucker didn't sting.  I left everything and later carefully went back and removed the trash container first.  After half an hour went again to pick up the tools.  The yellow jackets were still buzzing about so got hornet spray and deluged the hole in the ground.  Hated the idea of killing something but I don't want to get stung either.

Happy 4th to all of you and hope it is a safe one.  It will be happy hooking for me today.



  1. Good Morning Saundra! Happy 4th of July. So right about those freedoms. California is fighting back.
    I would love the memory of going to Assateague Island. Did you watch Pony penning day? Always I have wanted to go since I read that book, Misty of Chincoteague. I think its good you sprayed those hornets. Not good to be stung.
    That is a Hydrangea bush. Its just putting out its first blooms. I had them in my other house that I had babied for years and years and the lady who bought the house ripped them out first thing. I was depressed for two days. Anyway, Have a lovely time hooking. I love those rugs. I like your Uncle Sam doll too.

  2. I have a very similar plant that when I purchased it was told it was a viburnum, though it looks just like a hydrangea. I did a search today and they said the difference is that is that hydrangeas bloom in spring and may rebloom in fall, while viburnums bloom in summer.
    One day I would like to hook that Polly rug. I do love Wee Folk, too, and of course your Uncle Sam is wonderful. Too bad you don't have one for you.
    Happy 4th, and yes, we must be very careful about losing our freedoms. Such a scary thing for our grandchildren!!!

  3. You have what they call a lace capped hydrangea. My DIL has them in her garden and they are just starting to bloom. Google "lace capped hydrangea".
    Hope you enjoy your 4th of July; however you choose to celebrate.

  4. Yep, Lacey hydrangea for sure. Happy 4th!

  5. Love your Lace Cap Hydrangea ! They In Cape Cod they are huge & just beautiful !
    Your hooked rugs & Uncle Sam are Beautiful ! Oh my goodness , you were so lucky you didn't get stung !!! Hope you got all those yellow jackets !
    Happy 4th of July to you too. We stay home & let the kids go have fun without us !

  6. Yes, it's a Lace Capped Hydrangea and it botanical name is Involucrata.

    I don't hesitate to spray a yellow jacket nest. Their stings are so painful.

    Happy 4th of July. It rained all day and it's been cold today so I stayed in all day and just didn't do anything.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. Happy 4th! Glad you didn't get stung I hate the ground wasps they are brutal.
    Very pretty plants

  8. Oy! so glad you weren't stung. Hubby did that yesterday and was stung 4 times on the head. He doesn't react badly but this morning said they were tender to the touch.
    Happy Independence Day. I too appreciate it very much.

  9. Great Pics,,,Happy July 4th!!!
    So glad u weren't stung,,,,,nasty!!!!
    You have been busy!!great mat!!!

  10. Love the lace capped hydrangeas and have several in our yard. Oh, that Polly Minnick rug is wonderful. Do they still sell their patterns? And Vermont Folk Art…hadn’t thought of them in years. Are they still in business? We put up pickles and zucchini bread on the fourth. Pretty exciting.

  11. The plant looks like a hydrangea to me. Love those patriotic rugs! Hope you had a nice 4th. Janice


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