Friday, July 2, 2021

Miscellaneous Rug Hooking Chit Chat

 Someone asked about the wool colors in the Oxen.
Below is the wool I overdyed years ago before hooking the Rottweiler Memorial of Shumba and Panzer and had some left.   Yeah, it really is the same wool used in the darker Ox but the flash makes it appear lighter.  This came from a recipe book I have and think it was in a Jewel Tones booklet.  If anyone was truly interested I could look for the recipe.  And think it is one of the XOXO scrunched wool in baking pan recipes.
The other Ox wool is what was left over from an onion skin dye bath.  As the dye started to take up decided to toss in a little more white wool to absorb what was left for a lighter shade.  Now all my onion skin dyed wool is gone.

I discovered Margaret Shaw is the designer of this rug and she is going to draw a pattern for me.  She did say it won't listed on her FB web site as a regular design but will draw it.  Obviously she is taking the holiday off but I'm excited to get the pattern and is what I'll work on at Cape May in September....hopefully.
Today I saw the ATHA Magazine layout for our Textile Challenge gals!!!!!!!!  It is going to print today and I'm getting really excited.  However did learn that those of you who are not ATHA members will not have your name mentioned but your project will be seen in the article. 

I'm hoping to host another Textile Challenge this winter and plan to start a little earlier than last.  So if you plan to participate you may want to  get credit for your work and be an ATHA member.  The magazine is full of great information, inspiration and sometimes a free pattern.  You can subscribe HERE to join or even just to buy the upcoming issue.

Am drawing two big rug patterns for someone ~ the large Mighty Whale and the large original size of Magdalena's Goat.  So they will be ready to ship tomorrow.

Happy hooking and hope you have a fun-filled and safe weekend.



  1. Here I am!!! One tablet is OK,,,frustrated,!!
    Love that mat you are going to hook,,,,It's so sweet,,,,
    Gosh,,it's recently stopped subscribing to atha!!! Have so many!!and wasn't hooking so much,,,So decided to stop,,,,may just have to get that next copy!!
    Thanks ,Saundra, for touching base,,,,,
    Hoping this is the last of trouble!!but going out soon to get a new one,,,We are recently opening up here,,,send stores and businesses are crazy busy!!so just waiting abit,,elaine

  2. Ooooooooo, can’t wait to see the ATHA Textile Challenge article! Thanks for organizing this! I’ll look forward to participating in your next challenge.

  3. I had to check ATHA to make sure I was current and I am. I gave up rug hooking magazine something had to give. you must be excited that it is going to be in the magazine lots of hard work on your part. Will the next challenge be mixed fabrics as well? It was a big eye opener for me I did not like using other fabrics. It as very hard for me to pull. But it was also a good learning experience. Another one of our retreats got canceled this week Star Island is all that is left standing at this point.I hope it stays I need to get away for a few days.

  4. I am ordering ATHA today !!!! That is awesome they are including your article !!! I have been gathering fabrics, mostly cotton knits , so will Love to do another challenge piece !!! Fun Fun !!!
    It is nice to see the wools you use ....the Ox look great ! Can't wait to see your Rug Camp Rug hooked !!!
    It's a soggy cool July 4th for us ....has been raining here for days !

  5. Thanks again for organizing, and for the heads up about ATHA-- i just joined!

  6. I love that wool color. What can I say, but its just yummy. I was a member, but I let my subscription lapse. I will go check it out.
    Thank you so much for mentioning it.
    Also for sending the links. I can't wait to see those patterns. Thank you so much.

  7. Yes, thanks again for organizing the challenge and writing the article. I’m looking forward to reading it. And I highly recommend ATHA membership/magazine; it’s my top mag for rug hooking!

  8. Never in a million years would I have guessed that was a M. Shaw design.
    Looking forward to the ATHA article. That magazine is the absolutely best one for hookers. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Happy 4th to you!!!

  9. You do put a lot into your research. I once considered subscribing to ATHA magazine but didn't. Since I haven't been hooking in so long, I'll pass on the ATHA Magazine subscription.

    I sure miss the Rug Hooking Daily forum when Heidi Wulfraat was running it a few years ago. It was such a powerful forum for rug hookers and so full of good information.

    Happy 4th of July
    Hugs, Julia

  10. Love the M Shaw rug. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  11. That is a great pattern, Saundra. Hope all works out for Cape May. Looking forward to seeing the article. And looking forward to the next challenge.


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